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You haven't been in school for a while (more like a decade) and only learned what Hishiro and Suku taught you. So you didn't know what to do. You of course got in your uniform and slipped on you bookbag. You left early and saw that it was that beautiful peach color. You saw a whole bunch of girls at the gate. You stood were you where since you could see what was happening. You saw many people in white walking out. The girls started screaming. From what you could see and help from your knowledge you saw that they were many vampires including Hishiro and Suku and a few werewolves including Takshi. You were shocked. You didn't expect them to here. Takshi looked at your direction and ran over to you. Before the girls could get to him he was in your face. "Hey!" he said happily. You looked at him and didn't see his tail, nor his puppy ears. "Um... Takshi? Where are your ears an-" he cut you off. "Oh I'm in my human form. Those humans don't and can't know that vampires and werewolves exist." he said. "Um... What about-" "Your the only one so far who is actually human. And you have to keep it a secret." he put his finger on his lips and walked away backwards...until he bumped into the crowd of girls. The surrounded him and he was trapped. "HELP ME!!! MISAKI!!!" you heard him yell over the girls. You rolled your eyes and tried to save him. You pushed the girls back and held them back for a short while while Takshi escaped his torturous trap. He ran away. "He's getting away! Get him!" one girl cried out and all the girls ran after him. "AAHHHHH!!! OH NO NOT AGAIN!!! AAHHHHH!!!" Takshi yelled loudly. You saw him run away from the crowd of girls. (Think of it as chibi.) You laughed because 9/10's of the crowd was gone chasing Takshi. You went to your first class and sat down. The headmaster came in. He wore glasses and had a ponytail style for his blonde hair. "Oh no!" he cried out. "They all went chasing a night class student. Great." he ran off. A few minutes later of silence most of the class came back. "That new girl is so lucky. She had a private talk with Takshi." one girl said. That girl sat next to you. "Hi! I hear you know Takshi!" she said happily. "What's your name? Where are you from? How do you know Takshi? Wanna be friends? Not because of Takshi. You just seem nice." she said quickly. Knowing and growing up with Takshi you clearly understood what she said. You inhaled deeply and said" Misaki. Town. I grew up with him. And thanks." you said quickly. "Woah- Wait!! YOU Grew up with TAKSHI?!" she practically screamed. Eveyone heard and started a crowd around and you ran. Like Takshi. Next thing you know your in a tree. "Be more careful of what you say." someone whispered in your ear. You knew that voice. It was Hishiro. "Now go and tell them that you met him like he was Zero and as for me tell them I just saved you, for your safety." he said. You dropped down. The girls gathered around you once again. "How did you two get to grow up together?!" one girl asked you. "I mean I saw him like once every two months or once every three months and he'd only be there to, um...well to see my dog Laila, because he likes dogs and all." "Ohhh!" the girls said at once. So nobody cares about the fact that Hishiro is in that- What the?! Where'd he go so fast. You thought to yourself. "And what about Hishiro?!" one girl asked. "Oh, he only saved me from you girls." They all went back to class and so did you. Everything was normal because everyone thought that you didn't know any of the night class students personally. The day went on normally, well atleast you thought it did. You knew you'd do just fine. Well maybe. Or not. Who knows? I do....

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