Cross Academy

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You woke up in a unfamiliar room. You thought it would be the attic or something for some reason but when you came out you saw Hishiro. You knew for sure that this wasn't a dream. You looked a little disappointed, but nonetheless you kept your cheery spirit. You walked down the long hallway to see Hishiro talking to a girl. You got curious and went to eavesdrop. Luckily you were good at being quiet and being sneeky so this was a breeze for you. You could only make out the words "Family.... Vampire..... Mom..... Die..... Suku." You stopped once you heard the name Suku. It was familiar. Suku. 'Suku. Suku? Suku. Suku. Suku? Su- SUKU!!' you thought. Suku was an old family friend that used to babysit you when you were 2. You didn't want anyone to know that you evsedropped so you came out like you just woke up and takled Suku. "Hey kiddo." she said messing up your hair.'Why is Suku here? I thought she left town.' you thought to yourself. "Oh I came back into town" she said. It were as if she read your mind. "Anyways... Who wants breakfast?"Suku asked. You had a feeling that you were gonna know Hiroshi, Takshi, and Suku like family. Maybe they will fill that gap in your heart. Just maybe.....
*Time skip*
It has been 11 years since you have been saved from that crazy vampire who killed your family. You are currently 14. Zero was like a friend to you. You didn't see you much but you'd always be happy to see him when he comes. Zero was talking about taking you to Cross Academy and saying how all the vampires won't dare eat you, and all that good stuff.
You agreed to go and so did everyone else. Even Takshi. He would be with the vampires but it would be not only awkward but there will be some trouble. Everyone packed their things and left for the Academy.
*time skip*
After a 3 hour explanation you finally convinced the Headmaster why Takshi should be in the night class. It was late and it was dark so you hurried to your dorm and got settled. You talked to your roommate for a bit and you both went to sleep. Her name is Elisabeth. She is 14 years old. She is shy and the doesn't-talk-much type. But you got her out of her shell a bit. And thus began thou new life filled with vampires, werewolves, humans, and randomness. Oh and love, and love.

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