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"Even your smile that you try to hide is solovable"

"Even your smile that you try to hide is solovable"

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❝—kim haeun

yours was such a simple name and yet, it was still a mystery how it was able to mean so much to me. our first meeting was something i cannot forget—you were a part of the swimming team, the star player and i was just your average nerd who get to be fooled around by the popular ones in our university.

who would have thought that being bullied around would also be a one way for us to meet?

being thrown into complete humiliation was never a new thing to me but . . but finding myself being saved by you is a blessing i would forever cherish. despite being one of the popular kids, your heart was as pure as of a gem and it didn't help but highlight the beauty you held. simple things could make you giggle like a child, like a sunny weather and receiving a sandwich from me as a thank you.

even if we were polar opposites and you were living in a whole different world from me, you offered a friendship that made me thankful a thousand fold and you don't know how much your existence made my life start to move.

so, my love, why did you had to lie?❞

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