"What would you know about it? You can't expect me to stay in this fucking house forever! I want to get a job, get myself a life of my own so I'm not just leaching off other people all the time. Why can't you understand that?" Jack retorted, and Mark could see he meant it.

"Of course I understand! I just don't think now is a good time." Mark moved closer to his boyfriend, resting his hands gently on his shoulders and holding the other boy's gaze firmly. "You're just starting to get better. Do you really want to just throw all of that down the drain and end up at square one?"

The Irishman waited for a few seconds, thinking. To anyone else his glare could be considered hostile, but Mark knew that wasn't the case. It didn't take long before Jack's shoulders slumped under Mark's hands, his eyes dropping towards the ground in defeat. "Fine. God, you're such a prick." He muttered under his breath, shrugging off his bag and shoving it, with a little more force than was necessary, into Mark's chest. "Have fun at school."

The American sighed, feeling rather guilty as he watched his boyfriend stalk into the living room and throw himself on the couch, staring blankly at the dark Tv screen. Mark looked from the sullen figure to the door and then back again, weighing up his options before making his decision. He threw off his own bag into one of the kitchen chairs. School could wait.

Jack looked up at him, surprised when the door didn't close, and found Mark standing over the couch, looking down on him with a small grin. He held out his hand. "Wanna play a game? I heard Felix bought a new one if you want, its horror." Mark said, as much persuasion in his voice as he could muster.

The Irishman rolled his eyes with a lazy groan, taking Mark's hand and allowing himself to be pulled up off the couch. Mark gave him a soft and quick kiss, his form of an apology, and when they pulled away Jack's smile was a little brighter, sending butterflies amok in Mark's stomach. He was forgiven.

All of a sudden the green haired man's eyes lit up, Mark practically able to see the light bulb flashing above his head as he darted away. "Where the hell are you going?" Mark yelled after him, confusion etched into his face as he found himself alone.

A few seconds later, Jack was back, Felix's video camera held carefully in his hand. "You know how I wanted a hobby?" Jack began, a hint of nerves entering his voice as he looked up at Mark hesitantly like he was worried Mark would judge him. The American nodded slowly, confusion still pulling his eyebrows together when Jack spoke again. "Well, I think I've got an idea about what I could do, wanna give it a try?"

Mark grinned and spoke without a second thought. "Sure. What were you thinking?"

Jack shrugged, a hesitant little smirk pulling at his lips before he held up the camera, giving it a little shake. "I was thinking about maybe recording our game and putting it on YouTube? Just for a laugh. It'd be something for me to do while you're out but...I'd like you to help me get started?" He looked down at the floor. "Only if you want to."

Mark laughed quietly, grabbing the camcorder out of Jack's lose grip. "Well duh, of course I want to." He held the recorder up to his eye, pretending to record his boyfriend right then and there. "It's time to make you an internet superstar, Sean McLoughlin." He joked lightly, stepping forward so he was practically shoving it in the other boy's face

Jack snorted, pushing the camera away laughing as he moved to put the game into Felix's beaten up PS2. "Get over here you idiot. How do I record the game on this thing anyway?"



The green haired man snapped his laptop shut at the sound, a look of alarm on his face as his wide eyes found Mark standing at the door. His cheeks coloured a little, pink dusting his cheeks as he blinked up at his boyfriend. "Yeah?"

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