Chapter 1: Where Does Loyalty Lie These Days?

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Vegeta's POV

Did that fucking robot just hit me!?

I flinch in pain when one of those stupid Capsule Corp robots lands a punch directly against my face. I'll admit that Bulma has done not that much of a crappy job at upgrading these bots. This is the first time I've been hit in three days.

I fly up and blast a beam of energy at the piece of metal, smirking as it disintegrates into ashes. There are only three more that I need to defeat before I'm done training for the day.

I quickly maneuver faster than the speed of sound trying not to crash into the walls of the gravity chamber. Right now, I'm only at 260 gravity. I need to be able to withstand a lot more so that I will become a Super-Saiyan and finally surpass Kakarot.

Two of the bots trail after me almost matching my speed, and I use this as an opportunity to swivel back and blast each of them into pieces. I look back behind me and see the third one preparing to swing at me, but I don't give it the chance as I draw my fist and strike it harshly.

My smirk grows even larger when I watch the bot collide with the wall, flattening like a pancake.

"Time to nag the Woman for more bots," I say haughtily.

After shutting down the gravity chamber, I head into the kitchen of the dome-shaped house in order to grab some leftovers from dinner. A surge of contentment seizes me when I see that there is still some of this dish called "lasagna" that the Woman's mother has cooked earlier.

The blonde woman may be a ditz, but she can sure as hell cook. I still prefer to have Bulma's meals instead, even it they look like complete crap.

Not that I would ever admit it to her.

I quickly heat it up using my ki and shovel the food down my mouth immediately feeling satisfied afterwards. When I place the empty plate in the sink, I become aware of the pungent smell of dried sweat emanating from my body.

I grimace at the familiar smell. Dark memories of my younger self training in brutal conditions on Frieza's ship surface from the suppressed corners of my brain. The days of when I would do anything to become stronger and kill the abomination.

Now I just have to deal with these stupid androids that the purple-haired kid (who is also a Super-Saiyan) mainly told Kakarot about. I roll my eyes irritably from remembering the scene as I trudge upstairs toward the bathroom for a shower.

I am the Prince of the Saiyans. I am supposed to be the ruler of the most powerful race in the universe. Yet everyone always refers to that third class idiot as their savior, whom they all blindly worship. Even the moronic blue-haired Woman.

Ugh, why should I care about what she thinks?

I take my usual shower and change into a pair of black boxers and a matching shirt. I plan to go downstairs so that I could watch some silly earthling TV show until I'm bored enough to sleep myself to death.

As soon as I emerge into the living room, a scowl creeps onto my face when I see Bulma cuddling into Kakarot's arms upon the couch.

What the fuck!? Doesn't Kakarot already have a mate? And isn't Bulma supposed to be with that moronic scar-faced weakling?

"What is the meaning of this!? Explain yourselves!!" I snarl, stomping closer to them.

Kakarot sighs heavily as if expecting me to react like this. "Vegeta, it's really not the time right now."

I cross my arms and toss him one of my nastiest glares. "Oh, it's really not the time now? I know you're third-class scum, but real Saiyans don't cheat and betray their mates!"

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