Chapter 4

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I had a towel on my head when i heard someone buzzed my unit, i didn't invite anyone i know of...

Pagbukas ko naman ng pinto ng unit ko, i saw no one. But there was a box and above it was a champagne coloured invitation.

"An invitation to a ball?" So then i suppose, whatever the thing is in the box was associated to this paper i'm holding right now.

I opened the box : a red cocktail dress and a black pencil stilletto was inside.

When i lifted up the dress, a small piece of paper fell na may

"From Edward?" Is he the one who'll take over as the current CEO retire?

Siguro siya nga, the ball is to be held two weeks later pa. And that is exactly when, our CEO retires.

I dialled Ate May's phone but there was only beeping, I can't even contact my Cousin.

Bumaba ako ng unit ko, i don't know how to cook. Kaya nagtiyatiyaga ako na bumili sa labas kahit ganito ang panahon.

My umbrella was holding on, but any minute now ay iiwanan na ata ako. The wind blew so hard that kahit ako ay nadadala ng payong na hawak ko.

Pumasok ako sa loob ng taxi na pinara ko, it was Febraury 1st, and in every corner may mga puso na kay pula ang naka disenyo sa paligid.

I was wearing thick clothes pero nanlalamig pa rin ako.

A playlist of Love songs resonated through the high ceilings of the mall, at sa kalalakad ko ay halos mga couples yung nakakasalubong ko.

I feel out of place.

Siguro it's the ambiance of the place or the people i see. Matapos ko mag grocery at kumain ng hapunan sa isang resto sa loob ng mall ay umuwi na ako.

Paglabas ko ng mall ay umuulan pa rin ng malakas kaya kumpulan ang mga tao sa labas ng mall.

I was stucked in the crowd too, inaabot na ako ng 8pm ng makasakay finally ng taxi.

Napayakap nalang ako sa sarili ko dahil sobrang lamig na ng makapasok ako sa loob ng condominium building ko.

I boarded the elevator, crowded pa masyado.

"Here." I flinched when i felt someone's hand rested on my shoulders and it's warm.

"..uh" i was surprised, and it's kinda awkward.

"You're not being clumsy right?" He has his poker face on.

I nodded as response.

How is this possible?

"Papaano?" Nakaharap pa rin ako sa kanya and he has this ghost of a smile etched on his face.

"How? I have my ways." He went out first and to know that he knows where i live sent a shiver down to my spine.

I was following him, it was not my intention to tail him around.

"Good night to you Dearie, reconsider my deal."

He entered the unit facing mine, my mouth was wide open. Impossible!

Naiwan ako na nakatanga sa labas ng unit niya.

What was he doing here? And... To reconsider our deal?

"Utang na loob." I pouted, he was pushing himself in my life and i don't like the idea of it.

"Oh Kisses? Bakit nakatayo ka lang dyan?" Ate May sa--

"Ate May!?" I hugged and showered her with my Kisses. "Ate? Kanina ka pa?"

"No, kakauwi lang namin." She was smiling from ear to ear. And what the hell... She has something on her hand that was so unexplained for. "We're engaged."

Napatutop ako sa bibig ko and jumped in glee, "Oh my gosh! Ate Happy ako for you! Sobra as in talaga!

She was smiling but tears was slipping out of her eyes, she was happy. I too... Happy ako na finally. Maayos na sila.

They will have a happy ending to their journey. Started rough but amidst it all there will always be some rainbow.

She is here to pick up her things and move out, pinayagan na sila na magsama but separate yung kwarto.

Ikakasal na sila.

And im happy for them kasi pinatunayan nila na kahit ano pa man ang maging problema nila ay malalampasan nila ito.

But i was fighting my own battle, a battle with myself. A battle with my heart.

And it was a dying battle.

Kasi kahit ano pa man ang gawin ko, or even if i give a goddamn fight. The heart choose what it wants. Who it wants.

I was alone again. Sitting in the cold stool in my kitchen.

" kailan pa ba..." I heaved a sigh.

When will that person come in my life? They say love comes unexpectedly, we might not see the signs because we ignore it.

Yung tao na pipillin ako... Hindi dahil im just his second choice pero sana yung tao na yun... Whoever he is. I just wish that he will choose me.

Just me.

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