Chapter 6

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The Welcoming party for the new Management will be held this night, and the theme was like the Phantom of the Opera, all masks and dark colors.

I am like a lone wolf in a pack, hindi ko mahanap ang mga kaibigan ko, because of the masks.

And people think it was so exciting to be anonymous even for awhile.

I do think so too i,that being anonymous has its perks. Because i can do anything i want before the grand reveal. No one can judge me kasi hindi naman nila kilala kung sino ako under my mask.

When i was still in High School, i didn't had the chance to attend sa Prom. Na-dengue kasi ako noon nasakto pa sa week ng prom night namin kaya wala pa akong first dance.

Tapos noong nag college naman ako, wala akong oras na magsaya, kasi nakafocus ako sa academics ko and it went well. Naging Cum Laude ako.

There was a grand staircase and everything was magical as it was in my imagination, namamangha ako. This is my first ball.

And everything, exceeded my expectations.

The party started with Mr. Kevin's speach pagkatapos ay kumain muna ang lahat and there was dancing.

When you looked over your shoulder

Nakaupo lang ako sa gilid. Nang may tumabi sa akin.

For a minute,
I forget that I'm older

"You're not a party person."

I wanna dance with you right now,

"Kilala mo ba ako?"

oh,And you look as beautiful as ever
And I swear that every day you'll get better

Nanlaki ang mga mata ko ng ngumiti siya.

You make me feel this way somehow

His smile reminded me of someone.

I'm so in love with you,And I hope you know

Hindi nito sinagot ang tanong ko bagkos ay tumayo ito at iginiya ako sa dance floor.

Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold

We were dancing to a love song.

We've come so far my dear,
Look how we've grown

Nakatingin lang ako sa mga mata niya, at siya sa akin. Pamilyar siya, and i am confortable sa presensiya niya.

And I wanna stay with you

But something tells me that he is dangerous for me.

Until we're grey and old
Just say you won't let go

He moved closer to me, i can feel his breath, his lips is close to my ears.

Just say you won't let go...

"You look wonderful tonight..."


"Kisses!" Someone called me but his voice drowned inside my thoughts.

I can't get him off my mind, the scene last night keep on replaying inside my head. I even didn't have a good night sleep last night ng dahil sa kumag na yun'.

He was like a puzzle for me. I can't predict what's going to happen next kapag nagtatagpo ang landas namin.

From the Rooftop Accident, i didn't expect to meet him again after that. But funny how fate works. Then it was followed by my car accident, and again our paths' crossed.

And now seeing him is unevitable, dahil standing infront of me is the person i don't want to see.

"Ms. Delavin, inside my office. Now."

And i just want the earth to eat me in whole, body and soul.

Oh God, what wrong did i do in my previous life to be in this situation?

I had no choice but to follow my new boss.

And yes, I'm his secretary.

So i get to see him... Every. Day.

Yes... The guy i met at the rooftop, the guy who helped me when i had an accident, the guy who asked me a favor, the guy who is my next door neighbor.

And now...

He's a devil wearing a tuxedo.

And that guy i'm talking about is my boss.

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