Chapter 2: Gold

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Chapter 2: Gold

Will Solace absentmindedly played with his necklace, waiting impatiently for his half-sister, Kayla to arrive. 

"This girl." Will muttered under his breath, slightly annoyed. 

Kayla took forever and a half getting ready for school, and it usually ends up with Will walking to school and waiting for her at the doors of the school building. He knew he should turn her down sometimes, but her pestering would eventually get the best of him, and he'd surrender. 

Will thumbed his necklace, for the need to do something. His necklace was half of a sun, its rays curved and gentle at the ends. Will liked his necklace, it suited him. He liked sunny days, he liked the sun, the light, mornings. He was bright and sunny too. 

What he didn't understand was why. Why his sun was cut in half. Why his was such a weird one. 

"Will!!" He dropped his necklace, where it rested on his chest, and caught sight of Kayla's green tresses bouncing as she sped toward him. 

"Finally." He muttered, loud enough for Kayla to hear.  

"Don't sass me, William." She answered, with narrowed eyes. 

At the same time, Nico Di Angelo walked past. Will felt his stomach flip. Nico looked effortlessly beautiful, in black skinny jeans, a white tee and a black vest. His smooth-looking, pale olive skin stretched tightly over high, angular cheekbones. And his hair, his hair, as dark as ink, falling over the nape of his neck, and curled around his temples so wonderfully. 

Will hated feeling this way. He hated the fact that he liked Nico Di Angelo, the kid he can never have, mainly because of how different Nico was. Opposites don't go well with each other. Never did, never will. Anyway, even if he, by some sick twist of fate, managed to call Nico his, their necklaces were nothing alike, and soulmates had the same necklaces. 

"You're staring, Will." Kayla's quiet voice startled him out of his thoughts. 

Will flushed, and looked at his feet. Only Kayla knew how he felt about Nico. Kayla knew about his hopeless crush on some kid he can never call his. 

"It's stupid. We're not even destined to be together! Why do I feel this way?" The anger in his tone was barely controlled.

"I don't know." Kayla answered sincerely, her fingers wrapped securely around his wrist, in an attempt to comfort him. 

Will hated not knowing. 

He raised his eyes to catch one last glimpse of Nico. He was not prepared by the wave of jealousy that hits him, once he sees another guy's arms around Nico's shoulders. What was his name again? Jace? Jackson? Oh wait, it's Jason. It took nearly all of his strength not to march up there and sock Jason in the face. 

But then again, what good would that do?! It's not like Nico and him were soulmates, as much as he wished they'd be. 


Giddy up! Next chapter here we come! 

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