Stuffing a Bra

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I don't have any personal experience with this, but these are some tips I've compiled off of the internet.

1. Don't get too big of a bra. Make sure it feel right and looks right with your body type, and remember that a huge bra takes more effort to stuff. A lot of the times, smaller bras work better for this kind of thing anyway. Measuring yourself with a soft measuring tape and a bra size guide could do some good.

2. Make sure the bra is a style that makes you feel good. If you like lace, get lace. If you like solid colors, get solid colors. It's as easy as that, and you can experiment with different styles to find what fits you best. Figure out if you like more or less padding and if you prefer a more stable underwire or not. It all comes down to personal preference.

3. Purchase the bra. You can find them online if you'd rather not go in person, or ask a female friend that you trust to get it for you if you can't order online.

4. Gather supplies. You can use tissues, socks, or silicone inserts for stuffing. Silicone inserts are recommended since they tend to look most natural, but the others can work just as well if you know what you're doing. Various fruits are not recommended; don't listen to television.

5. Stuff the bra. You'll be able to find your own method to make it look good. I've found a few different sites that said different things, but all of them said it depends highly on the look you're going for. I would just say to make sure it's even on both sides and the look is smooth, not lumpy. Adjust them as you see fit, and try not to overstuff them.

6. Try to choose a shirt that covers the bra and any cleavage there may be. That would be best since you should be going for a more natural look. You don't want someone to see a bunch of tissue paper sticking out of your bra.

Good luck!

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