Small Dancing

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***Brooke's POV***

I walked out of the gym not even waiting for results or to see what the next step was. I was done with that. I could care less if I made it. I just wanted to go dance for myself.

I walked to my Cadillac and started it. I had to brush off the snow that was starting to pile on the car. Luckily there wasn't any ice or I was screwed! Well i guess that's just what I get for living in weather bipolar Utah.

When I pulled up to my studio, Mad Dance got out my Cady and walked inside after grabbing my bag of dance stuff or as I liked to call it my Bag Of Crap! I started with pointe, then ballet, then contemporary, then lyrical, the jazz, then slowly into harder and harder hip hop. I ended when the team below me burst into the room yelling at me. They were all like 'That was so good' or 'I can't believe that you just did that' and many other things. Some were just jumping around screaming. I was never on that team. I just moved from the lowest team to the top team. And I was glad that I never had to experience this team!

"I'm sorry. Who are you?" Asked a new teacher that hadn't had any interaction with my team.

"Oh sorry. I'm Brooke. I'm on the Mad Seniors team. I just use this room when I am choreographing something or just want to dance." I say getting my stuff together to leave. I had almost everything shoved in my bag of crap when she stopped me.

"You don't have to leave." She said quickly.

"Oh no it's fine! I have other things I can do. It's really fine. I can leave." I said as I grabbed the last of the stuff and started to walk out.

"Please stay!" The new teacher rushed,"I'm sure all the girls on Crazy Juniors would love for you to teach them one of your dances." There were lots of yeahs and lots of squeals. I guess that means that I have to stay and teach them a simple dance.

"Alright I'll teach you guys a dance but you can't tell anyone that it was me okay?" There were lots of nods and excited squeals.

"Okay line up from tallest to shortest." I instructed them. The dance teacher was sitting in the back of the room by the stereo.

I went down the line and asked how many pirouettes they could do. Most said doubles or maybe a triple but the smallest girl said a quad. I was impressed to say the least. I had just barely perfected my quad and almost had perfected 5 pirouettes. It's hard. I was most definitely impressed.

By the time I finished teaching them the dance they had it down pretty well. I was really happy cause that meant that I was a good teacher and I could most likely do this for a lot longer than I thought I ever could.

When they finally let me leave I decided that I would go check out the small studio, KDC. I had already pulled up the directions to the studio on my iPhone and I was almost there.

KDC ended up to be a tiny two or three room studio, behind a 7-11. I find a parking spot behind the 7-11 and walk in. I only grabbed my phone and wallet because I doubted I would be needing anything else.

I walked in and saw a couple of people in what looked to be a lobby. There was a woman who is probably the dance director, a guy about a year or two older than me sitting talking to her, a girl who was probably a teacher and a couple of parents probably waiting for their children to get out of their classes.

Everyone seemed to notice my entrance because they all turned and looked at me. It probably wasn't everyday that someone they didn't know came into their studio.

"Hello, my name is Tammy. What can I help you with?" The woman behind the desk asked me.

"Hi. I'm Brooke. I um actually saw some of your girls at the school dance tryouts and wanted to come check out the studio that they all danced at."  I said.

"Woah wait!" Said the guy sitting in the lobby,"Are you THE Brooke that everyone is talking about?"

"I'm not sure. What is everyone saying?" I asked, a little worried.

"Everyone is talking about this girl from the dance tryouts that totally killed everyone she was so amazing! Even Lexi was talking about her!" He says.

"Oh. Um. Yeah that's me. I guess." I say.

"Oh Brittany! You have to see her dance! Apparently she is insanely amazing!" The guy says, jumping to his feet and grabbing the girl who I assume is Brittany. He also grabs my wrist and drags us both into one of the rooms.

I'm surprised to see that he just walks right in even though there seems to be a class going on. The girls dancing look about my age and they seem to be enjoying themselves while doing what seemed to be a  jazz dance to the song Hello by Martin Solveig & Dragonette.

The guy, Brittany and I watched as they finished the dance and then the guy spoke," You guys have to see this girl dance! She is freakin' amazing!" He then pushed me into the middle of the room and everyone else started talking.

I heard 'That's right she's the one that showed that biotch how to dance!' and 'She is so good! I can't believe Chase found her!' I was assuming that Chase was the guy that had dragged me in here.

"Girls we have work to do!" A stern looking blond girl said. I'm guessing that she is their teacher. 

"Brook if she is as good as they say she is then we might as well see what she can do. She could be what we need to spice up this team." Brittany said to who I was assuming was the other teacher, Brook.

"Alright but only one dance." Brooke said.

"Well then, Brooke. Why don't you show us what you got." Brittany says. Everyone else squeals and runs to sit in front of the mirror. I turn to where the stereo sits in the back of the small room. I choose a dance that doesn't require much moving around space wise and plug in my iPhone.

I perform the dance to Black And Gold by Ellie Goulding. It is a harder song to choreograph to but I managed just fine. Although it isn't one of my best dances I have choreographed but I had to fit the entire dance into this tiny space.

When I finished performing, I have to say that the faces they all had... Well it wasn't the firat time I had seen it today.


Sorry it has been so long!!! I just had a really good idea so I wanted to get this chapter up and let me tell you it took forever to write. First I had no idea how to finish writing this chapter then I got a really good idea and had to write it but my dad and brother were watching a basketball game and I kept getting distracted then I had to take a shower and then when I was done with my shower I got ready for bad and have been sitting on my bed with my iPad next to me and a really good story that got updated and I keep getting distracted by it. So it took me a while to finish this chapter. I will probably edit this tomorrow if I have time. I have dance competitions next weekend, the week after that, and then two weeks after that and so on and so forth. So i am super busy!!! You might not hear from me for a while!!!






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