Chapter One

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The siblings dragged out as much time as they could once the movie was finished. From wandering around the house, pausing to listen whenever one spoke, and just purposely dodging the front-door; they both spent their time outside in the back garden. 

Robert had just had his own fish pond built in, the very basic and boring garden needed something new to stand out with. No, Robert did not have a thing for fish, he was just bored of having no reason to go outside and thought the fish could help him with that. 

Now, every night, Robert spent most of his time outside. Several solar paneled lights rounded the wooden pond, flowers and other planets surrounding it. Each light, at night, would give off a different colour to make the garden stand out more than it used to. 

Though he couldn't explain his reasons for wanting the pond, everyone who'd seen it, liked the idea and applauded him for his good work; Jasmine helping him out with designing it and doing the best part: buying the fish. Each fish had a name created by Jas herself, along with their brother, Max and Max's wife; Sandra.

"Do you think it's safe for them to be out here in this weather?" Jasmine pondered, her head cocked to one side dumbly. Both her and Robert had pulled out deck chairs from the shed and where cold, yet comfortably sat on the patio before the pond. "I mean... won't they freeze to death?"

"Really?" Robert said unethusitasitcally. "You're seriously asking me that question?" Though the questioning look never left her facial features leaving Robert dumbfounded to actually think this girl besides him was his sister. "Jasmine?"

"Hm?" She hummed looking his way. "Yeah?"

"How do you think fish in the sea survive during winter?"

"Well they hibernate." She said in a 'matter of fact voice'.

Coughing a laugh, Robert inhale a deep breath, his serious face on show.

"And where do they hibernate then?"

"In the sea of cour— oh..." Snapping herself out of her stupidity, she could only pout and look away in embarrassment of what she'd just said.

"Sometimes I wonder if you're actually my sister," he said, shaking his head with an unimpressed facial expression.

"Weren't you the one to always tease me," she started, her frowning face softening. "Always telling me that I was 'adopted'?"

"True," he nods, "I guess that explains it."

Smacking him lightly, she gasps a laugh; her face on of shock.

"How rude of you," she exaggerated, "you know without me life wouldn't be the same."

Nodding his head, he sighed as though he'd believed her.

Before adding: "Yeah... Life would've been so much better."

Tutting, her lips puckered out and arms folded across her chest, she overlooked the garden; her eyes following the birds that carelessly flew above. Robert followed her glazed, treasuring the calming atmosphere of someone else being with him. 

He'd almost forgot what it was like having his sister around. Jas only came during holidays, or when their parents decided they're to have a family gathering. Though, the house Robert lives in, once having the whole family in, his house was where they all went to visit.

Robert's house is large, extremely large compared to others down the street, for it was one his parents built and designed themselves. 

At first they all lived here: His father, Victor, his mother, Andrea, and his siblings— Maximus, his older brother, and Jasmine, his younger sister. Each one of them was raised in that very house, all brought home from the same hospital and raised until it was time for them to leave. 

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