My Announcement (Part 1)

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I sat there, the test in my hand. I watched as the lines slowly appeared. One, then slowly but surely, two. I gasped and tears sprang to my eyes. I stood, only to sit back down again. I covered my mouth and whispered.

"Steven." The realization struck me, and this time I shouted, making me heard throughout the house. "Steven!" He appeared in the door frame and noticed the test in my shaking hand. He looked at me and I looked up and him.

"Are you really?" He asked me, a hint of wonder resonating in his voice. I saw a flame of joy dancing in his eyes, and we both smiled.

"YES! Steven I'm so excited we're going to be parents! Who should we tell first or should we tell them all at once oh my god ohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD!" I squealed and threw the test away as I jumped into Steven's arms. He hugged me tight and spun me around before putting me down again.

"Connie, we're going to be parents." He whispered. He put a hand on my stomach and smiled yet again. He looked down at me and kissed me. When he broke apart, he yelled. "Connie, we're going to be parents! I can't believe it! Oh my stars, how will the gems react?" We laughed at the thought of their reactions.

I sat down on the couch. A million thoughts pranced through my head. Sure, I was only 23 and he was only 24, but I was positive we could manage. After all, Steven had found a job as the manager of the local grocer, and I was in med school training to be a doctor, like my mother. We were making a steady income, and had a house just outside of downtown Beach City. We lived about 10 minutes away from both the gems and my parents, so we could visit both of them quite often. My main concern was how we would tell our families. I hoped Garnet hadn't spilled the beans yet. Maybe she would let us tell everyone ourselves. I smiled as the images of our excited families crossed my mind once again.

"How about we invite them over for dinner, then announce it with a cake?" Steven suggested. I laughed at the hopeful tone in his voice. Steven loved cake, and would do anything to grab at a slice.

"Let's explore a few other options first, shall we?" I giggled. I poked him teasingly and he sighed in a mocking manner. I pulled out my laptop and opened up Google. I quickly typed in 'pregnancy announcement ideas' and hit enter. A Pinterest page popped up, and since I thought that site was filled with good ideas anyway, I clicked there first.

Scrolling through, there were a few notable ones, but most were simple and mundane. A few of the ones we both liked were getting baby clothes and giving them to family and friends, posing for pictures with a sign saying 'sleep depriver coming soon' and sending those pictures to family and friends, as well as a few others.

After a bit of discussion, we decided on Steven's original idea, the one with the announcement cake. I emailed my parents, and we then drove to the beach to visit the gems and my father-in-law. We couldn't stop smiling, and we hoped that didn't give anything away. We walked up to the temple and knocked on the door, hand in hand. We laughed as Pearl swung open the door and we were smothered with hugs from every Crystal Gem. Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Lapis, Peridot, and a few newer ones such as Emerald, Amber, and Turquoise. They backed off and we walked in, sitting on the couch. I looked around and saw my family, most of which I had known since I was a teenager.

"Hi everyone! We can't stay too long, we still have to speak to Greg, but we want you all to come to dinner tonight. You don't have to eat, just be there at 6." I gave Steven the smallest hint of a smile, and stood up. He followed, and we gave everyone quick hugs as we began to leave. I gave Garnet a hug and heard her whisper a small 'congratulations'. I quietly thanked her for not telling anyone, and followed Steven out back to the car.

A minute later, Steven was knocking on the side of his dad's van, attempting to wake him up. The doors opened, and Greg stepped out.

"Hi guys! How's it goin'?" He asked, giving us both hugs in turn. I stifled a grin as Steven spoke.

"Hi dad! We're having a family get together tonight. It's dinner at 6. Just immediate family and the gems. Nothing fancy. See you there Dad!" We gave him quick hugs goodbye and left.

We drove to the grocery store. It was noon. Dinner was at 6. We had to prepare, and fast.

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