4) His House

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4th chapter! Hope you like it.


I pulled into my drive way and turned my car off. I walked to the door empty handed. You know how when you feel like your forgetting something you feel empty and uneasy. Well that's how I felt except I knew exactly where my bag was.

I walked in my front door and headed up stairs to my room. The little puffy thing, that I need to find a name for, jumped of my shoulder and "hopped," I guess you could call it, away. I just needed to think about what happened today.

I stepped in my room to be greeted with a disaster. I stood the dumbfounded at the mess that lied before me. "What. In. The. Hell." I screamed! Livid I just went straight to the bathroom I am so done.

I pulled my clothes off and took off my glasses and hopped in the shower. "I don't have time for this." I mumbled to myself.

I washed my hair with a new scent from bath and body works and got out. I took small steps to the door. The longer it took for me to get to the door, the more I could deny the truth of how much I was about to clean.

It took me 2 hours to clean. And I'm still not done! I looked over at my clock to see it read 5:53. Holy cheese balls I need to go! I ran to my closet and found some. Gulp... jeans, and I despised the things. The put on a cute purple top. I rushed outside to my car and fired up the engine, periwinkle, (name of the puffy thing) jumped in to the car, and I was off to Masons!


Where the hell is this place! I wasn't going to admit I was lost until I was completely lost, and I was almost there. I looked at the address one not time to see that the T in the address had had little smudge marks by it. I squinted my eyes and looked at it again. I realized that the "T" in Tanning was actually a "B" in banning. I cursed myself for not realizing it sooner, I mean who has a street name tanning! I looked at the map and discovered I was on the wrong side of town. What the hell!


I headed towards demon boys house again, with little Peri on my shoulder. It was actually a pretty cool companion, it just sat there while I talked to it... Man I sound like a nut job. Talking to a demon, or ghost thingy.

I pulled into the drive way and to say that the house was a house was an understatement. The thing was huge. They outside of the house was a whiter stone and like like it had streaked of gold in it. "Stay" I said talking to Peri. I walked to the big front door and rang the door bell.

A man in his mid forties answered the door with a smile. "Hi you must be Ashley" He said. "Yes I'm here to see Mason" I forced a smile at the end of the sentence. "Mason, your guest I here." He said behind him. He opened the door wider for me to come inside. He walked off leaving me there by myself.

The inside of the house was just as magnificent as the outside. The floor was white marble and the walls were painted with a creamy brown color, and a large painting on the wall that looked to be decades old. There were twin stair cases, with white carpet, on both sides of the walk way that lead to the second floor.

Mason was walking down the stairs with a navy blue shirt on and dark jeans. His golden hair was swaying around his eyes with every step he took. There was something different about him. Not just that he didn't look like the devil he was, he had this certain aura about him.

"Ashley" he said taking me out of my deep thought. He looked me over, "you dressed... Nicer" he said pausing. "Mason can I just have my bag back now?" "Hmmm let me think about it... No" he said with a closed mouth smile.

"W-w-why not?" I stuttered out. "Because I don't want to give it back to you" he said smugly. "And I don't care what you want! Give me my bag!" I spat.

Mason turned on his heel and walked towards stairs. "Hey come back here!"

"No" he said kinda softly. He took quiet steps up the stairs, I followed."Hey come on, I just want my bag"

He walked down the hallway and took a left. I presumed it was his room, and being my stupid self I followed him in.

"H-h-hey do you mind turning on the lights?" I asked. All the sudden I was pushed into a dresser and the knob on the drawers stuck out and hit me right in the shins.

"Owww, damn that hurt! why the hell did you push me??" I covered my mouth right after I said those words.

"Wow what an outburst? I didn't know you had that in you." I could tell he was smirking just the way his voice sounded.

"Can you turn the light on?" I asked annoyed. "Sure" he said as he turned on the light.

"Thanks" Sarcasm drenched my voice. I am really starting to hate him. I took in my surroundings.

To say the room was huge, was an understatement. The walls had a red and tan color scheme, his bed had a dark red velvet comforter on it. Above his bed on the ceiling, there was a window. I turned to the dresser and scolded it like a child for hurting me, I looked up to see the night sky... The ceiling was made of glass, you could see the stars and moon.

I stared at the ceiling when I was interrupted by the clearing of someone's throat. I turned to see mason with a very serious look on his face.

"We need to talk." He said with none of the earlier amusement in his voice.


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