1) Pure Madness

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Authors note: first time to ever write a book! Hope you like it!


Madness is sweet, madness is cold, madness is the black around your soul, madness is natural, madness is painless, madness is dark, but most of all madness is pure.

Today was the last day. I didn't want to be in this world any world. I was tired of everyone always calling me the "weird four eyed freak of Huffman high" I wore thick black rimed glasses where the lenses made my dull green/grey eyes look like they were magnified. Everything about me was plain. Even my name... Ashely.

I have shoulder length straight brown hair with a tint of red in it. I always looked like I had just crawled out of bed with 10 minutes till school. But I would never have to worry about it again because I was about to end it! I will do it! I'm gonna do it! Who am I kidding, I can't do it. I never will be able to take my life.

I leaned my back on the wall, Sliding down the wall till my bum hit the ground. Why? I always asked? Why is it only me that can see them! I use to be normal! Worry about what I looked like, woke up happy to go to school, back when I had friends! But no! They ruined all of that! They took away my chance of being normal. Dang it! If I keep this up I will go insane! They are going to drive me mad!

I pushed myself off the bathroom floor and walked into my room. Checking the clock by my bed I saw it was already 1:03 a.m. Tomorrow was going to be another long day so I crawled in my bed pulling up my midnight blue blanket.

Beep. Beep. Beep. My alarm went off. I leaned over to check my clock, it read 7:05. "Shit!" I screamed, they did it again! I woke up cursing myself for not setting a second alarm! I jumped into a pair of black leggings, and headed to my closet for a red falcons sweatshirt.

I grabbed my book bag and headed out of the house skipping breakfast with my parents, the ones that weren't there anyways. I got in my little red Mini Cooper and headed to the one place I hate. School.

Right as I pulled I to the parking lot I made a quick dash to the schools entrance wishing they wouldn't see me! Whack! I fell to the ground face first! I turned around to see the demon that tripped me laughing as it floated away. Dammit! I heard more laughter as I picked up my stuff. Looking up I see the #1 bitch of our school, Blake, she was the dumbest thing you will ever lay your eyes on. She was about 4 inches taller that me with bleach blonde hair and brown eyes!

"Watch where your falling four eyes! The next time you fall in front of me during my sexy walk will be your last!" she screeched. Awwww shut up! I didn't want to hear this so early in the morning! "Okay" I said softly and walked around her. "Way to start your day Ash!" I mumbled to no one.

"Thwap!" My head slung forward as another demon walked by and slapped the back of my head! But everyone could see this one, and yes he still was a legit demon. His name was Mason. He wasn't an ordinary demon, he was the devil! The one and only! But here in this school he was thought of as a god. Kind of ironic if you ask me.

No one could see his true form but me, how weird he looked with his ears to a point and sharp canine teeth.

And so another day in a world that was out of balance and distorted began. Oh how I love seeing demons, ghosts, and angels.

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