2) Another day in Hell

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Second chapter! Hope you like it!


I walked into my first period class, spanish, with my head held low. I don't want to be here, I complained in my head. I walked strait to the back of the class, see I sit in the back so I don't get stuff thrown at me. Pulling out my binder I saw graffiti of nasty curse words on it!

I shoved it back in my bag before anyone saw it! Looking around I figured no one saw it and just pulled out my materials for the class.

I was looking down to get a pen when I felt someone sit down in the desk in front of me. Looking up through my thick rimmed glasses I saw the smirk I was dreading. His golden brown hair that looked like the color of Honey, crystal blue eyes that you could almost see through, and a 1,000 dollar smirk planted on his thin lips.


"What do you want?" I questioned. "Nothing. I just wanted to see how my favorite nerd was doing," he smirked. I swear the only thing this boy can do is smirk. He looked my face up and down. Then he went to the red sweatshirt I was wearing. "You didn't try today, now did you?" He said.

My face turned red with anger and embarrassment. How dare he say that to me. "Why you litt..." I tried. But just as I was about to say something the teacher came in. That little brat! We'll not really little, considering he looks down on me... But that's besides the point! I'm gonna get him for this, I'm feed up with him treating me like I'm a nerd. I'm not even that smart!

"Ding ding" chimed the school bells. I had already been through half the day and it was lunch time. I walked to my loner table in the corner and got out my lunch kit. I loved food! It was like the greatest thing in my life. The only thing it was holding on to.

I looked around the lunch room as I munched on my PB&J. I looked I'm the line to see my only 2 friends talking, Natalie and Sam. They were almost getting there food when a couple of dumb jocks got in front of them.

I would of coward done and let them in front of me, but Sam and Nat weren't like that, Nat being the more courageous one. She was pretty intimidating for a girl with her 5'7 hight with long legs and a model figure. Her short jet black hair and emerald green eyes that just dared you to say something wrong to her.

She chewed the jocks out and made their heads hang low all the way to the back of the line. After they got there food they walked straight to the table I was at. Sam was short like me. With long wavy blonde hair, honey gold eyes, and huge boobs. She looked like the air head type but she was actually pretty smart.

I always wondered why they hung out with me, everyone thought I was a total freak show. And they were totally opposite. When they say down we talked about how our days had been so far. I told them about my encounter with the devil "Awwwe Ashely do I need to do something about it?" Nat Asked.

I opened my eyes in fear as I remember the last time she tried to help me. "No" Sam and I said in unison. I guess she remember the catastrophe too. "Okay then!" She said acting fake hurt. The bell rang to end lunch. I walked to my next class, history, with Nat and Sam. This was the only class I had with them.

Sitting through boring lectures and almost dozing off pretty much summed up the class. "Beep beep" the announcements came on. "Can we have Ashley to the front office?" I walked out of the class and to the office. "Right this way Ashley" the front desk lady said.

I walked in to the office to see the principal and someone else, he gestured me to take a seat. I took the offer and sat down. I was pretty confident on who was sitting next to me. I looked to my left to see who it was, only to dread my decision.

Seeing that 1,000 dollar smirk confirmed my hunch. "Hey Ashley" Mason said.

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