1.2 "You Did What?"

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Next Day. Morning.

T-Dog looked at me  "What are we going to tell Daryl?"

Dad asked confused "who is Daryl?"

Me "The little brother"

Dad parked behind Glenn's red car. I got out and Carl ran into my arms. 

Carl "You are back"

I smiled "and i'm not alone"

Dad got out of the car. Mom and Carl looked at him shocked ad started to cry. They ran to Dad who hugged them close.


We all were sitting around the fire. Dad had Mom on his side and Carl sat on his lap.

Dad was telling us the story how he escaped the hospital. I looked around and saw Ed's fire was too big.

Me "Shane"

He looked at me and i nodded over to the fire.

Shane looked at our fire  "Keeping our fires low so we can't be seen by distance, right?"

Ed "I said, it's cold"

Me "I'm not dying just because you said 'it's cold'"

Ed snapped "like i care"

Me "Well, you're gonna care when i punch your teeth out"

Shane got up and walked to Ed "sure you wanna have this conversation, Mate?"

I looked at T-Dog and whispered "Daryl is going to rip your ass off if he finds out where Merle is"

T-Dog nodded and whispered "I know"

Me "Let me tell him"

T-Dog raised an eyebrow "are you sure?"

I nodded.

Dale "What are we going to tell Daryl? he won't be fine if we tell him his brother was left behind"

Me "I'll tell him. I'll tell him i chained Merle on a pipe and lost the key. And i'm going to tell him that his brother was a dick"

Glenn "I don't wanna sound like a racist but i think it'll be better if he hears it from a white guy"

I fake coughed.

Glenn added "or a white girl"

Amy shrugged  "We could lie"

Andrea argued  "or tell the truth"

Me "I did what was necessary."

Dale looked at me "and you wanna tell him that?"

T-Dog "I locked the door to the roof. No walker can get to him"

Dale sighed and looked into the fire"Let's hope that"

Next day.

I woke up and saw Carl still asleep next to me. I got up and walked out of the tent. I took my knives put them on my belt. I made my way to the woods. 

I had to find Daryl before he noticed that Merle didn't come back with us. 

 A dead deer was on the ground. Three of Daryl's arrows were in it and a walker on it's throat.

I yelled "Guys!"

They all came to me. The walker noticed me and groaned at me. I took my knife and rammed it through its eye. 

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