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i. the field

"long & lost" florence and the machine

"losin control" russ

"coloring" kevin garrett

"songs we fall asleep to" frank hamilton

ii. the flame

"we sink" of monsters and men

"breath of life" florence and the machine

"girl on fire" alicia keys

"intertwined" dodie

iii. the brushfire

"the wolves (act i and ii)" bon iver

"leaving earth" seven lions

"trick of the light" alexander wolfe

"nicotine" panic! at the disco

"roll away your stone" mumford & sons

iv. the smoke

"various storms and saints" florence and the machine

"goner" twenty one pilots

"a heart arcane" horse feathers

"haze" tessa violet

v. the ashes

"truce" twenty one pilots

"slow and steady" of monsters and men

"work song" hozier

"when (live)" dodie

vi. the rain

"the end of all things" panic! at the disco

"gale song" the lumineers

"after the storm" mumford & sons

"impossible year" panic! at the disco

"bird" billy marten


all of these songs can be found in their respective playlists on my spotify, liliawren. feel free to make suggestions for each part.

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