The diary of Princess Kyle (Fictional Diary about a lost Princess)

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                                                                                            My First Entry on January 19th 2012

Dear Diary,

        Being a princess isn't as simple as it seems. It's tough, it's hard, it's not even fun most of the time. All you ever hear is "Blah blah blah" this and "blah blah blah" that. Of course, all situations have there ups and downs, even this one. I for one still think that all those little girls wishing they were princess' wouldn't if they knew what they were talking about.

       Like today for instance. My guidance Mrs.Annebelle was coming through the halls. I could hear her because her heals were going 'click, 'click' with every step she made, as they always did. I could just imagine her tight blonde bun on top of head and her lips in a straight line as they always were. I sighed wondering what it was that I was to do today. She made her way through the long, grey, brick hallways. All the hallways in the castle were like that. The floors were royal red, thick carpets all the same pattern so nothing clashed.

      My mother was a very specific kind of person. Everything had to be exact, and perfect. Everything match, every word said would be relevent to the conversation and appropriate. Every outfit worn in the house must be clean and ironed. She never did these things herself though. She made someone else do it. I guess that's what a queen does though. So as Mrs.Annebelle made her way I stood up like tought and waited for her appearance. She came in already mumbling something about having straight posture. She had a thick british accent that made it almost impossible for me to understand her sometimes.

      "Now, now! Hurry now! You must get dressed before time is up. Haven't we spoken of this already? Why must you still be in your night clothes at such a time" She huffed and started undressing me and then handing me my dress for the day. She went around and opened my beige curtains, each and everyone of them so the light streamed in shining and causing me to squint. My walls were a royal red, my bed droopy. Of course, everything matched, no patterns clashed. Just like the rest of the castle. For a princess, my life was so surprisingly average.I looked around taking all this in as I slowely slid on my underclothes, and then my dress. Almost as if I was a robot, a slow, sore, responsive robot.

      After she rushed me into getting dress and my hairstylist Mr.Mason fashioned my hair in 'the most ladylike of fashions' as my mother would say, we made our way down the grey halls and towards my first session. On Monday I have every class. They are short though, in order to fit in all of my classes but it still succeeds in being most difficult and rushed. Tuesday I only have a certain set of classes, about half of them. Wednesday would be the other half as most would assume. Then Thursday is the same classes as Tuesday as Friday is the same as Wednesday. Saturday is tea and whatever other odds and ends my mistress plans. Sunday is for studying. Where I'm told to go in my room my room and study for hours on end. This is my week. Every week, of every month, of every year. I don't seem to recall anytime that this hasn't happened.

      We walked down into the halls and I followed her.

      "Today, Kyle you will be doing something different then most day's." She said in her thick accent. I felt my eyes widen as I listened. What could it be that I was to do today? I never did anything different.

      "What would that be?" I asked her as I stayed right behind her and walking to the beat of her 'click, click click' noise.  


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