About me, Hm. I'm not exactly sure what to say 'about me'. I suppose your reading this because you want to know the basics like, how old I am and what not. I guess I'll just write that. I'll do it in more of a list form. 

Age: 13
Color: Red
Book: Hunger Games
Movie: The Notebook
Do I have a bestfriend: Yup
Do I have a boyfriend: Yes
Do I like coconuts: No!
Do I like hanging out: Yes!
What is this page for: I will be using this page to write a blog type thing. It'll be thoughts, questions, anything that pops in my head. Kind of like you guys have your own personal access to my online diary. But not really.
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Glinda Faces Mortality

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Description: Glinda the good witch finds herself feeling a something strange going on in Munchkin land. When she goes there and a mysterous man puts a spell on her causing her to go mortal she makes the heart-crushing deci...


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