Chapter Two: Georgie

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Rachel, realizing it was nothing but a basement went off in the house to find a flashlight. After finding one in John's tool box she went back downstairs that led to the basement. A flimsy lightbulb hangs from the ceiling and she looks around for a light. There is no light switch and there is no string to pull. Bummer.

She continues to slide the flashlight around the room. The floor is made of rock and is stained with liquids that came from oil, old garbage bags, and who knows what else. The basement contained old boxes that didn't belong to the Hemsworths. As a matter of fact, nothing of theirs is placed in that basement. 

The room is boring and lacks any pleasant smell to Rachel. She makes her way towards the stairs but stops when she sees the empty space underneath the stairs. Like I said before, kids will be curious. She walks over with the flashlight in her hand and shines it at the empty space behind the stairway. Lying on the floor, upside-down is a large cardboard box with two holes poked in the middle.

Rachel scratches her hair but finds it hard to reach the spot because of her pigtails. She gives up and wishes her mother didn't braid so tight. Out of curiosity, young Rachel shines the light into one hole of the box and looks through the other with one eye. She quickly jolted back, dropping the flashlight onto the hard grown shocked at what she saw. Two eyes.

She grabs the flashlight and points it back at the box. The eyes are still there. One eye peering out through each hole. The eyes are pretty far away and they're so small; like marbles. The color of them resembles that of a tennis ball, somewhat green and someone yellow. Loose dark areas of skin clumps underneath the eyes as if they lack a great amount of sleep.

Rachel continues to stare at it. Like most curious kids, eyes in a box down in the basement should be a red light. Everything should stop right there and the kid should never ever return to that spot again. Rachel wasn't that curious kid. She desired to know who's eyes were peering out at her.

"Hello?" Rachel speaks to the eyes in a low and soft voice.

The eyes behind the box don't blink. They watch her carefully. 

"Hello?" Rachel says again. "Who are you?"

For the first time since she's seen them, the eyes blink. Rachel is relieved that it blinked too because deep down, way  deep down she thought those were just two naked eyeballs placed in the holes of the box. Whatever is behind the box takes a deep breath.

"Georgie." It says in a dry and cracked voice. 

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