Herbivore.. Asked by @ACCELxBLUE

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Dee-chan: Hey hey, Kyo-chan. You're so popular, you have another question!~

Hibari: I don't care.

Dee-cha: Mou, so mean. Honestly. Anyway~ This person wants to know why you call people 'herbivore'.

Hibari: Isn't it obvious?

Dee-chan: Apparently not.

Hibari: Tche.... Well. *intense stare* That's because I'm a carnivore. And compared to me, you're all weaklings that my food eats.

Dee-chan: E-eto ne, do you think you can explain it in a way that other people can understand?

Hibari: *turns away* No.

Dee-chan: .......Sorry guys.

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