Let Him Go

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Zayn Imagine-----

"Mrs. Malik?" The nurse asks. You stand up.

"That's me." You say. A lump rising in your throat. She ushers you over. You walk to her. Your heart beats faster with every step towards her. Once you reach her, you see the pity in her eyes. Then you know. You know he's gone.

"I'm so sorry...we couldn't save him. He's passed." She says softly. A mix of emotions rushes through you. Anger for the doctors not being able to save him. Sadness for the loss of your other half. Happiness for Zayn. So he doesn't have to suffer from this disease anymore.

You race to his room and burst in. His lifeless body lays just like you last saw him. Not only 4 hours ago was he alive. Breathing. Slowly you walk to him. Your brain trying to process this tragedy.

His scent lingers in the air. You breathe in slowly and deeply. Reaching his side, you take his cold hand.

"I'm so sorry baby...I...."You mumble. You try to hold back the tears that are threatening to come through. But they push through anyway.

"This isn't right...it should be me not you. It's not right for god to take such an amazing person. You can't be....gone...you never even said goodbye!!!" You scream at his dead body. It's useless to yell at someone unresponsive. You knew that too. Anger was the only thing on your mind.

"I hate you!! Why did you leave me?! You meant so much to me!! Wake up Zayn. Wake up, wake up, wake up!!!" You push at his chest. A couple sobs escape your lips. He should be here. Alive. Not dead. He should be comforting you. Not dead and gone.

It seems like hours until a nurse comes and pulls you away. Away from your husband. Your other half. Your one and only.

"No!! Let me go! Zayn!! Baby!! Wake up!!" You scream more. Thrashing against the nurse. She has a good grip on you.

"Y/N. Stop. Wake up. Wake up. It's okay." Someone says.

You jolt out of bed. Sweat coating your body. Tears streaming down your face. Louis envelopes you in his arms.

"Shhhh...it's okay...it's over now..." He whispers to you. Patting your back softly.

"I....I miss him Lou...." You choke out.

"I know Y/N...I know. It's okay. It's over now. He's in a better place now. Try to get some more sleep. I'll be down the hall. Like always." He starts to get up.

"Will you...will you stay here while I sleep....?" You whisper. Scared of the nightmares that are sure to come again.

"Of course. Now sleep love." He settles in next to you and places a kiss on your forehead. You eventually drift off to sleep. Zayn's face fresh in your mind.

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