Third ring...

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Sorry I haven't updated for a while but I also haven't been getting anymore reads so I just kind of lost the wanting to write. But to the people actually wanting to read this book here's chapter 20!!


My new life20!!

Becas POV

I finally go home after a long day at school. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Lucy and I are great friends. We stayed together all day. There's this girl that keeps giving me death glare. I don't know what's up her ass but I had a feeling that she and I were not going to be friends. My sister said she had a good day. And she met this boy... Thats all I needed to know.

I was in my room bored as hell cause I had already finished all my homework in school and I had absolutely nothing to do. I looked around my room and saw my piano. Nah, I've practice on that, way too much. I looked to my left and saw my guitar... Wait a minute...

NO!! Rebeca don't even think about it. But I have nothing else to do... I grabbed my phone that was in my lap and searched through my contacts till I found the name.

What am I thinking. I can't just call him. What if he's busy or doesn't even want to come over. And he should be the one to call me first. He's the guy.

I needed to just stop stressing over this. I went downstairs to find a snack. I went into the kitchen to find my mom just sitting up on the island eating some nachos.

" What you didn't make me some?"

" Sorry hun I didn't think of it."

" ahah it's ok mom we can just share." I said while sitting on a chair and smiling at her.

" So tell me, how was school?"

" It was alright. There's this girl named Lucy, she seemed really nice. Her and I spent the whole day together."

" Well thats great honey!! I'm so happy for you."

" ahah thanks"

" So I guess you don't hate it here as much as you said you would?"

" No. I guess not." I said with a smile.

I just looked down at the nachos. Should I ask my mom about what to do about my situation or just leave it. I know I can trust her and she gives the best advice ever, but I just don't know.

" Whats wrong honey?"

I guess I have to tell her now. But how do I put this?

" Well... I have nothing to do for the rest of the day so, I was just thinking If I should invite someone over."

" Well of cores." she said.

There was a silence that filled the air. Well that didn't help.

" You know, Rebeca, your 15 years old and the fact that you have a hard time opening up to people your on age frites me. Your a beautiful young lady that can make friends in a heart beat and enemies in a second. That's just how it goes. But just remember, you can't make friends by pushing them away."

With that she walked away into the living room. She's right. I have to start trying to open up to people. Or else I'm going to die along with 69 dogs.

I ran up the stairs into my bed room and grabbed my cell phone. I searched for the same contact as before. This was it. I can do this. I pressed call and the first ring started. Then the second then the thir-

" Hello!"

" umm hey Justin..."


It was kind of short but like I said, I'm not quite motivated-_-




Love ya lots xoxo:)

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