"yes,sir!" we both exclaimed.

"okay,so you guys might be wondering why we are having try outs on late October, but I figured if we

have tryouts early then we could have more time to practice and our games do not start until the first

week of December"

"oh shoot the Halloween party is this Friday!" i mumbled to Talin.

"yeah I know,me and Colton are going to have matching customs maybe you and Justin should do

the same!"

"yeah maybe"

"okay ladies I am not the type of coach who does baby steps just to see if you can play.I am going to

put you in teams and no if your team loses you won't make it the team i will judge you and see ho

you play so this half on the other court and this half here" he grabbed the ball and we started



"thank you lord"i mumbled as the game ended I was flat out tried and my team had won 32-29

close game!

"okay,based on my observations for cheer leading the girls I am keeping is absolutely Amy

Cami,Casandra,Demi,Lori"he kept blahing on and on then explained the rules and practice dates.

"and now for basketball it's Ariana, Layla, Talin, Hannah, Sandra, May ,Jane, Anna, Jessi,Jade,

Adela, and Tay I sorry for those how didn't make it, practice will be on Mondays"

"okay" we all said at the same time.

"see you next week"

"bye"I mumbled.

I am so tired, I don't think I am going to finish my homework today. I quickly changed and head

outside. I see and a group of girls around a black car.

"I have a ride" one girl said.

I walked past that car, I just want to go home.

"Ariana!" someone hollered.

I turned around and to my surprise it was Justin in HIS black car. I awkwardly walked to his  Justin"

Every girls eyes were on me.

"how's my beautiful girl?"

"I am good" I whispered.

"well, get in then"he chuckled.

"but I thought I was going to get a ride!" A girl said.

"no you should ask your boyfriend if you have one"he smirked.

I quickly got in ignoring the girls bad looks. Once I got in Justin drove away from the flock of girls.

" you didn't have to be mean Justin"

"Let's skip to how was practice?"

"okay, it was fun I made it"

" that's so surprising"he said sarcastically.

"shut up, and oh yeah Amy is cheerleader caption so that should be fun!" I said rolling me eyes.

"haha good luck!

"thank you I need know the Halloween party is this Friday"

"really? do you want to be Ms. Batman?"

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