The evil one.

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I woke up by the annoying commotions downstairs. I groaned a bit then i jumped up. And ofcourse, i did my morning routine, 

After that, I started panicking.

''I'm not on my house, this isn't my room and my bathroom'' i said as i facepalm myself. I scan the room, and I saw a big poster of Austin's what about love at the side of the wall near the bed. I shook my head.

Before i can scream i fell a hand  tap my shoulder, I look and it was austin.

''Hey are you hungry? i cooked pancakes'' he said.

I furrowed my eyebrows as i tightened my grip to the towel that covering my body.

''I am hungry, but i don't have anything to wear'' i shyly said. 

He chuckled, and open his closet. He threw a pink V-neck tshirt and a boxer.

''is that enough?'' he asked.

I nodded, 

''Okay so once you're done go downstairs and let's eat'' after that he step outside the room and he closed the door.

Okay first of all. I can't remember how i ended up in austin's house. Oh no, wait, The tragedy last night is it just a dream or it's real? I can't let it, Justin did what? He used me, He played me, He fucking played me. And when I saw Austin a while ago, why the fuck that It's Justin who I saw and not Austin? Am I hallucinating? Maybe I am, Or i just lack some sleep. I am not sure with austin though, I still don't know who among them was telling the truth. But my heart, My heart that's what it say. It keeps screaming, the one and only Justin. I suppose to hate him right? But i just can't, there's something about him that I can't forget. I can't let him go, And seeing him without a single chance Just kill me Coz it kills me knowing the reality that he wasn't the one i taught he was.

 And I despice myself so much. I am now dealing with  both drug addict. They were both on a gang, and what am I? the victim? The innocent one, who got trapped by the wrong net. And now i'm their prey. I can't describe my fucking situation, I just, I just despice everybody!!! Ugh, why am I the one to be the broken hearted. 

I open the door as i tiptoed all the way downstairs, I saw Austin sitting on the table, playing with his fork,, I didn't remember that he was waiting for me. I gulp and cleared my throat.

He look at me and he smiled ''Hey what took you so long?''

I sit down beside him as i answered ''I trip down, and i rub my knee and now I'm fine'' I bite the inside of my cheek, I suck at lieing.

He laughed ''that's hillarious, I should've seen that''

I rolled my eyes at him, as I started touching my food. And the whole time was so quiet. 

I stood up and put my plate on the sink. Austin was busy texting but his plate was clean so therefore, I grab it and put it on the sink too,

''Can i talk to you?'' i asked, and that make austin to furrowed his eyebrows.

''ahm, yeah what is it?''

''About last night, is it true? Can you tell me the whole story, Please I wanna know'' after that i give him my puppy dog eyes, pleading and begging.

He motion me to sit down beside him so i did, He sighed and he began talking.

''Okay, so me and Justin was the best buddies before, We were like bestfriends or maybe more than that, Justin was the one who's in the Gang as I said he was the dealer, He deal with the buyers. And me, at first he didn't tell me that he was on that kind of gang, and he ask me if I want to join after I found out, we were having our mini victory party, but then i went to grab a towel, but when i open the last drawer on his closet, I saw tons of illegal drugs inside, That when I panicked, he told me it was nothing that it was just a piece of cake, so he deceived me, as far as I know, I'm part of the gang already, and I can't turn back. They will kill me, George was our boss, I work hard, so therefore they won't hurt me, after that george likes me, he always praise me. That i'm good and i'm awesome, blah blah blha etc. Justin got insicured, slowly our closeness turned into hatred, he didn't hang with me anymore, when I talk to him, he refuse to talk back, he said he don't want me to be his bestfriend anymore, I need to leave him and forget him, I don't know why, but it hurts, Dont think i'm a gay it just that i taught we can be the best buddies in the world but just because george praised and likes me he just pushed me away like nothing, like i'm just one of his member like our friendship was all fake, and one night, I came to ask for his forgiveness, that i'll just Quit o therefore he'll be the one who to be praised. And Selena was there, At her glares i already knew she likes me and I don't like the idea, and that's how it happened and started"

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