Chapter 4: Augustus in the Hospital?

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Hey guys... i was wondering if you could comment some names for a new character? That'd be great! Hope you enjoy this one. Lots of drama...


Leaving Samantha's House...

I couldn't believe how rude her dad was! I mean at least have a little bit of respect for your daughters boyfriend. 


Ah Shit. That was probably my mom calling about where i was. I opened the text message. 

Honey where are you? We are worried sick about you. - Mom

I'm fine mom. coming home right n--

Boom. That's when it happened. One second i was responding to a text message, the next, i'm lying in a car, upside down.

I heard sirens, and then everything went black.


Morning after dad found out...

*Quack* My phone's ringtone was a duck. Wait. Why was i getting a call from the Valley Hospital? Was something wrong with Tommy? I answered the call.


Hello. This is The Valley Hospital. Is this Samantha Winfrey? 

Yes. Why are you calling?

We have a boy named Augustus Waters here. He says he knows you. He wants you to come.

Oh my god. I'll be there right away. Thank you.

I hung up the phone. I just stood there for a few seconds wondering what could have happened. Then suddenly i bolted down the stairs, grabbed my coat and keys, and ran out the door. 

I got in the car and put, Valley Hospital. I started driving and got to the hospital in 20 minutes.

I ran into the building and went up to the receptionist. 

"Hi, I got a call from the hospital about Augustus." I said.

"Augustus...?" She asked.

"Waters." I said impatiently.

"Ah, Waters. Yes. Um. The elevator is broken, so you'll have to take the stairs up to floor 4, room 417." The lady said.

Oy Vey. Last time i climbed up 4 flights of stairs, i had a major asthma attack.

I started up the stairs. I started breathing really heavily at floor 3. Right when i got to the 4th floor, i asked for water.

When i got to 417, i ran in and hugged Augustus.

"Aug, what happened?" I asked.

"Uhh, car crash." He said. 

"My poor Auggie." I pouted as i ruffled his hair.

"Ow." He said as i touched new stitches on his forehead.

Poor baby. He suffered through this since yesterday. Suddenly I heard a ding come from my phone. That's new. I've never heard that before.

Warning. Someone is tracking your phone. Is the number 915-476-8365 safe?

What the hell?!?! Someone is tracking my phone? Am i being stalked?

"Samantha! Why are you here? With Augustus?" My dad yelled.

Shit. Why the fuck was he here? Ugh. I guess im grounded for longer now.

"Dad? Are you trackimg my phone?" I asked angrily.

"Yes. To make sure you're safe. I dont want you with Augustus." He said.

"Well too bad. I love Augustus no matter what you say." I said sternly.

"Well then, i dont want you in my house. You are moving out." He said.

"That's not legal! I'm not 18 yet!" I yelled.

"Too bad." He said as he turned and left.

Woah. I didn't know where i would go. I was truly scared for the first time. Ever.

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