Chapter 3: Augustus Finds Out

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"Because i, i-i" she breathed. "I lost my virginity while my brother was in the hospital!"


I was shocked. Sammy had never told me she was a virgin. I had always thought that her and her ex-boyfriend were really close. I hated that jock, Matt. He caused my girls eating problem.

"Hey, Sammy, its ok, you were just confused, and scared. Now, why didn't you tell me it was your first time?" I asked sweetly.

"I thought you might see me differently. Like i was a baby, or inexperienced." She sniffed.

"Hey, sure, it wasn't my first time, but it still meant everything to me. Plus, it didn't seem like you were inexperienced." I said. Sammy sniffed and then smiled.

"You mean it?" She said.

"Definitely." I winked.

"I love you." We both said in unison.

We laughed and kissed each other. Things started getting heated and everything went by so fast.

------------------------TIME PASSES------------------------

"Hey, Sammy, sweetie i'm home. Tommy will be in the hospital for a while."

"Shit." Sammy whispered. 

I quickly put on my jeans and a shirt off the floor. I ran downstairs and said to Sammy's dad,

"Hey, whats up?"

"Oh, hey Augustus. You're here late. It's 1 AM! And why are you wearing my daughters shirt? What have you been doing?" Sammy's dad said.

"Oh, well, nothing pretty much. We just hung around." I said.

"Until after curfew? Ugh, go home, and for your information, Sammy is grounded for staying up past curfew, so you wont be able to see her for a week."

"Okay, Mr. Winfrey, sorry about that." I said as i walked out the front door and got into my car. This would be a fun trip. First time driving since the prosthetic. Great.


"Sam! Why the hell was Augustus wearing your shirt? What have you been doing?"

"Uh, we were playing truth or dare, so i dared him to try on my shirt, and then i guess he forgot to take it off. Yeah. Thats what happened." I said nervously.

"Oh, well im sorry, i thought something else. Well, youre still grounded. Its way past curfew!" He sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Ok, im cool with that." I said, acting indifferent to what he was doing.

------------NEXT DAY------------

I woke up at 9:10 AM. Shit! I was supposed to take out the garbage at 9!

"Honey, i'm taking the garbage out!" my dad called from downstairs.

"Did you already take my garbage can?" I asked.

"Yeah!" He yelled back.

"Thanks!" I sank back into my pillow. For a moment, i had no stress, floating on a bed of dahlia's, my favorite flowers. I heard birds chirping, dogs running, and bees buzzing-- and then a yell came from downstairs.

"Samantha Katherine Winfrey! Get the hell down here!" Uh-oh. He was probably mad at me because i forgot to throw out the milk that went bad yesterday. I grunted and got up. 

"Yes, dad?" I said as i slumped down the stairs.

"What is this?" He asked, holding up a rubber. Shit. That was Augustus's condom from last night. "I found this used condom in your garbage can, thinking, was someone in Sam's room last night? And then i remembered, oh yeah, Augustus was."

"Dad, i can explain--" I said, as he cut me off.

"No, i can. You are not permitted to see that boy ever again. EVER." 

"I hate you!" I yelled, and stormed out of the room.

Jeez, sometimes my dad couldn't realize that i was 17. A soon to be senior in high school. Almost officially a grown-up. Ugh. I really wanted my mom back.

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