Before Hazel Grace.

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Chapter 1


"Hey Auggie." I said.

I couldnt believe it. After a month of not seeing each other, i, Samantha Winfrey was finally seeing my boyfriend Augustus Waters again.

"Hey Sammy," Augustus said as he pulled out an unlit cigarette from his mouth. "I missed you. A lot." He kissed me on the cheek.

It would take him a long time to get back to normal. His cancer was just cured, and he still had a friend with cancer. Poor kid.

"Are you ready to go? We're leaving for McDonalds in 10 minutes. Im really happy that i get to see you again." I kiss him on the lips, and he just stares, with a far away look on his face. He is usually very strong, but this was something else. i was going to have to figure it out.

"I missed you too. Lets go." Augustus said.

Half way to McDonalds for our reuniting date, Auggie started laughing and smiling. i guess he just needed a little bit of getting used to. Thats it.

"So, while i was at the hospital and the nurse was putting the needle in my leg, she said, 'So, where do i put this again? Do you know? Sorry, its my first day.' Then, she asked wht type of cancer i had." Augustus said and laughed. I laughed along with him, even though it wasnt funny, it wad just sort of scary. He was so light hearted, and thats why i loved him.

"So, how is Issac?" I asked. Issc was Augustus's friend who also had cancer.

"Well, other than having a glass eye, hes ok!" Augustus laughed.

"I love you." I said out of nowhere. "I mean, um, i, i didn--"

"I love you too." Augustus stopped at a red light and kissed me on the lips. We were getting closer again. I knew that because things had changed, nothing would be the same again, but we were getting better.

We had grown apart after my mother had died. She had brain cancer, and Augustus was terrified after she had passed away. He drove into my driveway about a week after my mothers passing and ran in. At first he looked worried, but then he collapsed crying.

"OH MY GOD! Augustus! What happened to you!? You have a huge bruise on your face! Auggie..."

"Im scared! I have cancer! What if i die, like your mom!" I became quiet. Noone ever mentioned my mom to me. "Im sorry, i didnt mean it that way."

"I know, just keep going." I said, stunned.

"Well, i was scared, and my parents weren't helping at all, so i went into my room and i threw a soccer trophy at the ceiling, and it came back down an hit me in the face, but that doesnt matter. I just realized, I want to be with you all the time, i need you, i might not have a lot of time left with you, but you're my life, you're my everything. I dont want to hurt you. If i die, you will be alone, and you will be hurt." A tear streamed down his face.

"I will be fine, and i dont care! I need you too, and you will live! i know it. I feel it."

That was when he started crying. He hugged me and whispered Thank you. Then he went home and i hadnt seen him for a month. I tried calling him, i went to his house, i called his friends, and then finally, i went to his parents. They told me he wouldnt leave his room except to go to the hospital to get treated, and when they asked, he just simply said, Samantha, and started crying.

Now we could become close again. I couldn't wait.


I was so happy to see Samantha again. I missed her a lot. I had a little phase, but it was over now, and we could be together again.

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