Samantha Moves In

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Hey guys...what do you think of the story so far? Well, i have writers block soooo...


I couldn't believe Samantha's dad was being so immature. I mean, grounding her, I'll be mad, but okay. Kicking her out of the house, that's serious shit. Noone treats my best friend like that. 

I was so glad that she finally took my advice and came to live with me. I was so excited too cause it was almost Christmas! Woohoo. *Ding*

Hey! Sammy is here!

"Hey babe! How ya doin?" I asked.

"Fine. I brought Augustus. Is that okay? He's just here for comfort." Sam said.

"Sure, Hun! That's fine!" I said perkily. "I won't be here on Sundays because i have an architect college class then! So you can do, go, or have anything else. Oh yeah, as a little gift, I used my money from winning the lottery to buy you a car!" 

"Oh. My. Fucking. God! Thank you so much! I love you!" She said as we hugged.

"Oh, god! It's my moms birthday! I totally forgot! I gotta go!" Augustus said as he ran out.


I was so so so so so so so so happy i now had a car! And i had an awesome bedroom. It ws dark purple, with white christmas lights all around it! It was really cool! There could be nothing wrong with this house, or this life! 

While I was unpacking my things, i heard,

"Oh, yeah baby, oh that's good, yeah, i like it like that, oh yeah, uhhhh, oh, oh my god, yeah, c'mon baby, that's hot, oh yeah." 

What the fuck?!?!?

I walked in to see Kayla in a thong and bra, talking sex grunts and words into a phone.

When she finally hung up, i came over to her and said,

"Uh, heyyy, Kayla... whatcha doin?" 

"Oh, yeah. Did i forget to mention? I'm a phone sex operator!" She said.

"Nope. Didn't mention it. But why? You could've had a great career as a doctor! What happened?" I said quietly.

"Well, they were paying extra money to southern girls. Also, i pretended i didn't care, so they raised the price 500 bucks." She said.

Oy Vey!

I left the room, speechless.

Later that night.

"Oh... yeah."

Uh. Kayla was probably on the phone again.

When i walked upstairs, the last step had a pink Victorias Secret thong on it. On the floor was a bright green bra. Then a leather crop top. Then Booty shorts. Then jeans and a belt. Then a white t-shirt. Then earrings. And then i heard more grunts, but when i walked into Kayla's room, she wasn't there. Where was she? Oh well. Probably bathroom.

I walked into my room, and saw two people on my bed. Kayla, and a stranger. Of course. On MY bed. Lots of washing to do. 

"Hey Sam-Sam! What's up?" Kayla asked.

"Nothing. Just that, you had sex on my bed? Where'd he go anyways?" I asked.

"Out the window. B T Dubs dubs, i'm going to a party now, wanna come?" Kayla asked.

"Sure! I'll get dressed." I said. I put on a pencil skirt, and a pink tight crop-top. Time to party!

When we got there, all i saw was a pole, and a bunch of guys holding dollars, and girls wearing the tiniest of triangles. Wait a second... was this a stripper club? Aw shit.

Ooooh... Martini! 2...3...4...5...6...7...8... Stage!

After about 7 drinks, (okay fine 8, 9, fine 10! Haha), i got on stage, and just danced my little heart out. Okay fine my little tits out.

All i remember was a man touching my breasts, pulling down my underwear, and pulling me into a closet.

"Hey! What the hell is going on?" Augustus.

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