Forget The Horror Here: Chapter 26- Don't Even Worry

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"Tell me more about the Governor. Why does everyone call him that anyway?" I leaned against the garage's brick wall and sipped on my tea. I had requested a visit with the Governor's right hand man Milton Mamet after I had reunited with Carl and Daryl and told them I was fine. Milton was Woodbury's scientist and he seemed like a trust worthy man... unlike the Governor.

"The people look to him for order in the community and the title just stuck." Milton poured himself another cup of tea and sat down at his empty work table. "Anything else you'd like to know?" He asked. His hands were shaky as he picked up his cup. I walked to the table and put down my cup, the porcelain chinking on the wood.

"Listen, Milton. This whole set up you got here is pretty safe. You all seem normal and sane. But I see straight through the Governor's bullshit. Something not right is going on around here and I know it." I lowered my voice in case someone was listening. "Me and my people need to get out of here and you're gonna help us because it seems like we're not getting out of here anytime soon." He cleared his throat.

"How would I be of any assistance?" he asked, obviously nervous.

"The west wall. You're going to get those guards far enough away from that wall so we can sneak over and go home." I drank the rest of my tea in one swallow. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go inform the others of our plan. We'll meet here in an hour." I turned back to him when I was about to leave. "And Milton. Don't let us down."


-Sophia's POV-

We crouched behind a dented, rusty Escape, gazing over at the heavily armed wall that sat not too far away. Before we had actually seen the situation, Grey and I had planned to sneak in and find Carl, Sawyer, and Daryl. But once we got there, I knew there was no way we were getting in there.

"Maybe there's another wall that's not so guarded around on another side." I whispered.

"But what if there isn't? How are we going to find them? They could be put in separate buildings." Grey had a good point.

"Maybe we should walk up to wall and ask them to let us in. They can't open fire on us. We're just kids." I put my gun in the back of my pants and ruffle my now long hair, trying to make myself look unkept. Grey caught on and did the same, sticking Carl's hat under the car. I rubbed some grass on my knees and elbows and put some powdery dirt on my shirt. My mom was not going to be happy. "Ready?" I whispered as Grey put the last smudge of dirt on his face he nodded. I dug my fingernails into my forearm, trying to get my eyes to water. Once I was done, we crept out into the street and waited to be seen. One of the guards saw us. Time for Plan A.

"Please help us, sir!" I called up to them. I pretended to sniffle as one of them pointed a gun at us, thinking we were dead.

"My sister and I are hungry!" Grey added.

"Are you bit?" One called.

"No! We're lucky to have found you!" I stepped a little closer as one shined a light on us. "We'll probably be bitten if we're out here any longer." I let the water works fly.

"We're just kids!" Grey pleaded to them. "At least let us rest for the night! Then we'll be on our way, we promise." The three men talked amongst themselves.

"Ok. We'll let you in." One of them finally said. I cheered in my head. We walked to the wall. One man reached down a hand to offer a boost up. I tentatively grabbed it and the strong man hoisted me up with little effort. I reached down to help Gray but he didn't accept my offer, proceeding to climb up on his own. Prideful little bastard. We got down off the wall and one man led us down the street. I looked around in amazement when I spotted a person in the dark. I squinted to get a better look.

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