The ride

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Chapter 2: The Ride

Riker's POV

I was getting ready and I just remembered about Rydel and Ratliff. But let me just get ready first so I'll be ready early. So I got on a button shirt and a pair of jeans with a tie. So, I got ready and combed my hair and left my room and closed the door behind me. Then, I spotted Rydel. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the bathroom. She screamed so I turned the lights on and she starred at me. "What the heck was that for?" She sighed in relief. "Sorry didn't mean to"I said. "I just want to ask you a question..." I said drifting away. "What kind of question?" Rydel asked curiously. "What was that little scene you did downstairs?" I asked. "What are you talking about?" Rydel said chuckling nervously. " you know what I'm talking about Rydel?" I said seriously , "Now tell me, spill it" I said. "Fine you got me" Rydel said sarcastically. " I may- " she said but I cut her off."Have feelings for Ratliff?" I said because I knew along time ago it's so obvious , but I kinda yelled it out tho I hope no one heard......"Shut up" she said. "And yes I do now pls don't tell" Rydel said quietly. "Ok but why can't you just tell him cuz I think he likes you- she cut me off. "As a friend, he likes me as a friend" she whispered. "If I tell him and he doesn't like me back it will just be awkward also Kelly is my friend I would never do that to her!" She yelled. "Keep it down he might hear you he's down stairs!!!" I whispered loudly. "Oh your right" she said. "Rydel, what if he likes you too?" I yelled back."I don't know" she said and sighed hard. "Well I don't know" she sighed. Well I- I cut myself off because I was shocked to see who was standing behind the hallway..... "Hey I finished calling Kelly and no ones downstairs yet and can you ask if they are ready" Asked Ratliff. "Ummm yea............let's go Rydel" I said still shocked. On the look of Rydel's face, I could tell she was nervous and shocked like me. "Ok" she mumbled. We went down stairs and all I could think about was Ratliff hearing word by word? I don't know but me and Rydel were toast if he knew.

Part 2

Ratliff's POV

I was waiting for the rest to get ready. Ohh I almost forgot I have to call Kelly and invite her. I dialed Kelly's number and called.


Kelly: Hello?

Ratliff: Hey it's me, and I was wondering if you weren't busy tonite?

Kelly: No why?

Ratliff: Cuz me and the Lynchs are going to the movies and I was wondering if you would like to go?

Kelly: Sure, I will see you there bye babe

Ratliff: Bye

(End of convo)

I finished calling Kelly and I was wondering if they were done getting ready. I walked into the kitchen and got water then I heard screaming upstairs. Was something wrong? Maybe I can save the day! Anyways I walked slowly upstairs and saw Rydel and Riker talking. They were probably yelling. I was about to talk to them then I heard Riker say "Rydel, what if he likes you too?. I nearly died inside.i crouched down so then they wouldn't notice me. Someone liked Rydel? I need to know who it is and hurt them! Then I heard Rydel say "I don't know".

I saw Riker and I crouched down. But was to late he saw me. He looked shocked. I spoke up. "Hey I finished calling Kelly and no ones downstairs yet can you ask if they are ready" I said. "Umm yea...............let's go Rydel" said Riker. "Ok" Rydel mumbled looking shocked. We all went downstairs and everyone was already there. "Let's go watch that movie" Ross said. We picked up Kelly. The car ride was so loud. Ross and Rocky were singing to the music from the radio. "The story of my life!" Rocky and Ross sing, "Can you guys keep it down! I'm trying to text Laura" Rydel said typing. Ross heard and since she was in the back he reached for Rydel's phone. "Hey give it back" Rydel said. "I just wanna know what you guys are talking about" Ross says. "Ohhh Ross has a crush" we all say except ross. "So? Why do you care?" Ross rolls his eyes. "Because we are Raura Shippers! Duh" Riker yells while looking at the road. We all nod in agreement. Rydel took her phone back pulling it out of Ross's grip. "Comon it just got interesting" Ross whines. "We'll to bad" Rydel laughed. Ross totally liked Laura . "Oh you wanna start Rydel?" Ross smirks. "Try me" Rydel said. "Really? Ok so what's going on in rydellington? I wanna know the deets!" Ross say in a girly voice at that last part. "Ratliff can you answer that" Rocky joins in. "What's rydellington?" I asked dumbfounded. I look over at Kelly and she . rolled her eyes and snuggled up in my chest. I knew exactly what Ross was talking about. But I really didn't want to embarrass me or Rydel so I just acted like I didn't know what rydellington was. Kelly was quite the whole time. It's so obvious that rydellington is Rydel and I's ship name. I was sitting next to rydel and I was gonna text her about that guy.

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