Sounds like a plan

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Chapter 1: Sounds Like a Plan

Ratliff's POV

I remember that day like it was yesterday, i wish it was though so then maybe I would have gotten a chance with her. But now she probably thinks of me only as a friend, I have been friend zoned. Rydel Mary lynch is the best thing that has happened to me. But now we are just friends, nothing else, nada, but now I have the most wonderful girl I have met...Kelly. I really do love her but I also have feelings for Rydel. When I first met Kelly I really did like her and I thought I will probably have no chance with Rydel. I can still remember that first day I met Rydel.......Riker introduced Ross, Rocky, and himself and lastly Rydel. I starred into her big brown beautiful eyes that sparkled when I starred. I wish it would had never ended but it did. We looked away and that's when I realized that she was the one I wanted to be with. Right now she probably thinks that I'm just one of her best friends. I just wish I was more than that.... Her boyfriend but now I have to just act. Like an ordinary best friend. Also what's confuses me the most is that lately I feel like she has been ignoring me. But why? It's probably nothing. Anyways, I have to get ready to go to the lynch house to discuss with the others about the loud tour.

A few minuets later

Riker's POV

Me, Rocky, Ross and Rydel and lastly Ratliff were just talking and it got a little boring. We were talking about the loud tour and how exciting it was gonna be but then it got quiet, so I decided to convince them all to go to a movie. "Hey , I think we should go to the movies don't you think?" I said glaring at them. "Yea sure I think we should go" Ross said. "Yea but what movie?" Rydel asked. I think I just noticed this now Rydel hasn't been talking or even looking at Ratliff, it's probably nothing."umm... I guess we can watch a scary movie or something" Rocky said. "That sounds like a great idea" I said. "I can bring Kelly too right?" Ratliff asked quietly. "Sure ya can" I said. I turned over to Rydel she looked a little annoyed of what Ratliff said. I asked "Rydel is everything ok?", "yea I'm fine" Rydel said.

She looked like she was lying, but why? I'll ask her later. I have to go get ready. "Come on guys let's go get ready" I said. Then everyone went to their rooms and Ratliff just stayed to call Kelly.

Rydel's POV

I went up to my room to pick my cloths to go to the movies. We are going to the movies with Ratliff and I have to be forced to see them kiss and snuggle. I wish I had that!! It's not fair. I mean it's not like I hate Kelly I mean is a really awesome girl and she's my best friend it's just that I had my chance with el but now I don't. Anyways I'm a little nervous about Riker, when we were discussing the movie Ratliff asked if he can bring Kelly.

RIKER HAD TO SAY SURE!!!!!! I rolled my eyes of what Ratliff said and then Riker looked at me and asked me if everything was ok I said yeah. "What to wear, what to wear" I said. Hmm...maybe I can wear a pink tutu and a white shirt and a leather jacket. I put my bracelets and my earrings and perfume. I then put black heels and I locked my door and fixed my bracelets. Then I was pulled into the bathroom in the dark...........

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