Movies & Awkward Moments

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Rydel's POV

We were all in the car. I really wasn't as happy when we were on our way to pick up Kelly.

Riker was in the front driving, Rocky

In the passengers seat, and me on

The left and Ross to the right and ell

right in between me and Ross and Kelly was between Ross and Ratliff. THAT IS JUST PERFECT!!!

A/N: (Notice the sarcasm)

The was so loud. I mean Ross and Rocky and singing and now we were talking about rydellington and to top it off I'm still ignoring Ratliff for Kelly's sake. In the car after Ratliff asked what's rydellington, everyone grew quiet. Kelly was quiet the whole time and ignored us and just snuggled in Ratliff's chest. I wish I was her.

Anyways, I texted Laura the whole thing and I told her I had to go. I went on Instagram and Twitter. I love the r5 family! I was about to like someone's picture when I get a text from Ratliff:

Ratliff: hey I need to ask u something

Rydel:ask away

Ratliff: at your house, u were talkin to Riker. What were u guys talkin about

Rydel: nothing why

Ratliff: because I heard about u liking someone

Rydel: and why is this ur business?

Ratliff: I just want to know that's all

Rydel: ohh ok I'll tell you who "he" is

Ratliff: tell me

Rydel: nah...I don't think u can handle it

Ratliff: what how dare u and I will find out

Rydel: yeah sure and I'll give u a hint: he's already taken

Ratliff: he doesn't know what he's missing cause u are amazing

Rydel: thx and btw how is ur relationship with Kelly?

Ratliff: It's ok I guess...

Rydel: ok I gtg we are at the movies

Ratliff: really?!? Ok byes

Rydel: byes

"Guys were here" I her Riker yell. We got out Ratliff and Kelly are holding hands and rocky and ross are talking. And it's just me and Riker. We all walking in. Rocky buys all our tickets and we walk in. We all sit in a row.

First rocky then ross, Kelly, Ellington, me and lastly Riker. I think Riker wanted me to sit next to Ratliff because I was gesturing for riker I sit. And we whispers in my ear. "Not gonna happen sis". And I was stuck sitting next to Ellington.

We began to watch the movie. And I was jealous right at the first sight of Ellington and Kelly. This was gonna be an awkward night.


A/N: Hope you guys forgive me for me not updating in years. No scratch that I mean GENERATIONS!!! And I'll be updating at some point in each week because I have to much in my plate ok I'll update from 10:00 in the morning up to 2:00 am the next day kk so hopefully it will stay like that :) bye and thank you guys so much for reading this book it means a lot and also this book might have 15 parts and I will make a raura story called "Love me again" it's like the song by John Newman so yea byes

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