And The Truth Comes

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Chapter 7: And The Truth Comes Out

A/N: Hey guys ok I decided that I will be writing Rydellington and Raura. I put Raura because it's already been in some of the previous chapters. No Ranessa just raura and rydellington. But since it's about rydellington, there will be a few of raura moments.


Also, the night that this chapter is taking place is satarday night in the summer on July 27 2013 and next week it would be august 2nd and that is when they go bowling. Then the following week it would be Rydel's birthday. Kk got that kk byes.


(Previously on Hope)

The gang were playing truth or dare and Rocky picked Rydel. She chose truth, and now will the truth be reviled or not.(keep in mind she's trying to ignore Ratliff)


On with the story...

Rydel's POV

"Do you like Ratliff more than a friend?" Rocky asked me. I felt everyone's eyes on me and Ratliff but mostly me. It was silent.

Will this night change everything? All our memories? Should I say? Will it effect out friendship? Should I lie? I didn't know what to do.

Until I said my answer, and the expressions on everyone's face was

Rocky's POV

"No he's like a brother to me why would I like him that way?" Is what Rydel said as her answer. Everyone's expressions on their faces were so funny yet just wow.

Laura was shocked and made a face with those big eyes it was funny.

Riker's mouth dropped.

Ross was just starring at Laura the whole time but heard the answer and looked upset yet shocked.

Rydel was in deep thought.

Ryland was confused with all our faces.He's so clueless.

Ratliff had the most upset face I've seen in a lifetime I mean like he looked like he just died inside.

And I was hoping Rydel and ell would date but not now.

Ratliff's POV

I feel like my heart was ripped out and broken into millions of pieces. I can't believe she Dosent feel that way.

I mean she's been really distant lately. I thought she had at least a little feelings for me.

But I was wrong. I'll just have to find someone else. Oh wait I already have someone else in mind.....

Rydel's POV

Ugh I'm so stupid I'm such a bitch. I hate myself right now. I don't just like him. I'm in love with him. I can't keep my feelings hiddenf I have to talk to him. Maybe on Monday.

No one's POV

Everyone kept playing truth or dare. Laura was lucky, no one dared her to do anything with Ross. Also, there was no drama

Ross's POV

"Ok I'm really tired it's almost midnight" I said. Everyone agreed. Ratliff and Laura decided to sleep over. I walked upstairs. I took Laura in my room and she slept on the extra bed in there. We talked and talked. And then she moved herself to my bed. We cuddled and I fell asleep with her in my arms.

Riker's POV

Laura and Ross went to bed and Rydel stayed with me in the living room. Ratliff went to the bathroom and Rocky and Ryland went to bed.

"Riker, what am I going to do?!" Rydel wined. "I don't know Delly, you will have to talk to him about it and tell him how you really feel". I said to her.

"I feel so guilty and I'm planning to talk to him on monday" dells said. "Hopefully at the end it will all work out" I said sympathetically. "Hey I'm gonna go hit the sack" Ratliff said out of no where. "K nite" me and Rydel said.

"I'm tried let's go to sleep" I said. "Kay good night Riker love ya" she said. "Nite love ya too" I yelled. We walked upstairs and we entered our rooms. I laid on my bed and once I put my head on the pillow...I was out like a light.

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