20: What Does She Need?

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hardest things
to let go
are the things
you never had"

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After spending four days in the hospital, staring at the same white ceiling, the sunlight falling just on my eyes irritating the rainbows out of me and I think the nurse itself wasn't willing to do her job either so she kept dragging me in her misery, the tasteless food and whatnot I was finally HOME!!!.

My room was in process of being furnished so I was in the guest room with Naila. Saira and Maira had to leave for Pakistan.

"You rest, Humi.... "Naila says to me, concern etched on her face as if contemplating on whether she should speak or not. I hold my laughter as my imagination turns her head to a fish that keep opening and closing its mouth.

What would she want to talk about?

OMA!!! Is she getting married!?... Gee...

Too early... Whatever..... Maybe I could wear those glittering stilettos!

Oh and yes!... A good speech to threaten milady's groom! Maybe I'll take a knife it could have a better effect.... Huhu..

" umm..... Do you .. Do you want to talk to... Ayaz I mean like say him"she asks looking at her lap.

His name itself caused my heart to race a mile a minute. I was wasn't over the fact that it would probably severe our years of friendship or that he might be in love with someone and so many other possibilities... It made me nervous, insecure and scared to no end.

"I.... I don't know.... I just... Can't make myself to say him" I try saying though not sure if she could hear as my voice was a mere whisper and still couldn't say things out loud easily but the sharp pain running through my head hurls me from thinking or saying anything else further.

"Ahh!." by reflex I shoot up it felt like someone was drilling into my head and it would break apart any second. I couldn't handle that intense pain though it went and came back a bit less intense I'm sure no one would love such a pain and I surely wanted some relief from it.

"sorry Humi ...You rest we should not talk about this now" she apologizes quickly giving me a tablet, sleep follows me soon I give in to the soft blows enticing me to sleep covering me in a blanket of comfort.


"Assalam alaikum Nida di " I say as soon as I feel she picked up on the other side.

"Walaikum assalam ! So whassup? " she asks.

"Nothing much... Things going at its pace maybe? How are you and everyone? "

"Everyone's fine, how's lil Humi? " I chuckle at her choice of word I could imagine her winking on the other side.

"She's fine , still recovering ... She's come back home... I mean she got a release from the hospital".

We talk a little more about Humaira and then I decide to ask about Ayaz.

" ummm... Nida di how's Ayaz's .. Umm school... I heard it started.. Is it nice? "

"Yeah he's fine Alhamdulillah(all praise be to Allah), the school too... He's definitely enjoying," she says sounding amused.

"oh!! you know ! I'm guessing he's found his girl! "

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