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"Now sweetie I'll be back before you know it." Mom said as she was bring her suitcase downstairs

"You say that every freaking time" I rolled my eyes as I flopped down on the couch

"YN, you know this is our job." she sighed

"Yeah, your job that makes you never come home.." I grumbled under my breath

"Dont think I didnt hear that." My dad said as he came back in the house "You ready to go hun? We're going to be late?'

Mom looked at me with sympathetic eyes "Yeah," she picked up her bag "Oh and YN your brother should be coming home in 3 weeks, so you won't be by yourself."

"Whatever," I turned toward the tv

I heard the door close and I automatically grabbed my phone and called my bestfriend.

"Omg, YN, I was just about to call you!" she yelled through the phone

I laughed, "Do you have anything to do this weekend? My parents are gone again."

"Actually thats what I was going to call you about, I have an extra ticket to a Mindless Behavior concert, and I wanted you to go with me!"

"Who in the hell is Mindless Behavior?"

"I'm coming over." and with that the phone hung up

I went to the kitchen to get me a snack and came back and looked through the window to see Mo, walking across the street. Did I forget to mention that she lives across the street? She made her way into the house, with her laptop in her hand.

"You do know I have a laptop here?"

"I already had it up listening to it so I brought it over."

She sat it on the table and we both sat on the floor

"This is there song My Girl, its what made me fall in love with them"

She played it, and the one with the afro looks so familiar

"I think I know that one?" I pointed at him

"Princeton? How would you known him, He's been in LA most of his life?"

I just shrugged. "I dont know"

She starts to dig into her purse, and pulled tickets out "Here, this one is yours,"

"Well thanks, I hope they are breathtaking like you say they are"

"Oh girl just wait! I brought clothes to stay!"

I rolled my eyes "Girl bye."

"Im dead serious." she took her backpack off and showed me her clothes

"Well I guess your staying"

**Later That Night

"Okay weve been friends forever, and I know we have at least one secret were both hiding, so lets get it out!"

I hesitated for a minute, "Uh sure"

"Okay, I'm afraid of the dark! And when I dont know where my mom is, I completly freak out."

I giggled, "Thats not bad at all, what Im going to tell you has to stay between us."

"Just between us."

"Well uh, when I was 7 years old, I was umm-"

"You were what YN?"

"I was raped by my uncle.." I looked up to see her staring at me with huge eyes.. She wasnt saying anything! "Are you going to say something?"

"Im so sorry YN!" she said as she got up and hugged me

"Its in the past so lets move forward.. When do we have to go to this concert tomorrow?"

"Well the meet and greet is at 1, so we should leave about 11 so we can get in front of the crazy fans."


They talked for a little while and then went to sleep

(The Next Day)

'MB on my necklace J's on my feet Money on my mind-'

She woke up and went downstairs to get Somthing to eat'

Morgans POV:

"YN Get your tail up"

"Ughh, I don't want to"

"We have to get ready for MB!"

"I dont want too," I said mumbling into my pillow

"Get the fuck up!"

"Fine! Hell."

They take showers and everything Morgan Was wearing; grey skinny jeans, a red v-neck, red vans, small diamond earrings, and a necklace that said "Babe" on it. Your outfit was; A purple plain button-up shirt, white skinny jeans, purple converse, and yall leave

Your POV:

I get out the car and we walk in, not many people are here so I walk around looking at things. I looked around the place and didnt se Mo, I swear she was just behind me. Alright, I guess I'll go look around I walked around the corner and bumped into someone and fell, I looked up, and my eyes went big in embarrassment.

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