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Wow, a thrilling and absolutely amazing sequel. About the story it was great, I mean everything that happens in the book is sometimes really gross, violent and disturbing but honestly I've never enjoyed world apocalypses this much. Flare, Cranks, people going crazy, the world destroyed, the government lying...everything is amazing. The characters are so much powerful and courageous than ever. They fight to survive, which is what everyone would do in an apocalypse, but worst of all they are controlled by WICKED. Finally I found someone to really hate in the book. As soon as Brenda was introduced I hated her so much I nearly wanted to rip off the book and throw it away. (Everyone has their own opinions). I hate her I hate her I hate her. I hate her like I have never hated a fictional character in any book. And the worst thing of all she's not even evil (or is she?) anyway, she's such a bitch, Thomas this and Thomas that! Why does she not get in the flipping truck that Thomas has feeling for Teresa and she is just getting in between? Why does she not get that he is rejecting her every time. I love the way Thomas does that, I mean you'd expect him to let go of Teresa when he is alone with Brenda but no he doesn't, he remains faithful to her. Also even when he is drugged he says no to Brenda saying that "you are not her. You can never be her" that's the best!
I absolutely agree Brenda can never be Teresa. Teresa has been with Thomas since forever while Brenda is just someone they picked off the streets and whom, for now, we don't know anything about. (She is one of the wicked people as is revealed the death cure).
Also I love Thomas when he stops Brenda from calling him Tom. I mean that's how Teresa calls him and it only sounds good when says it.
Now about Teresa being the betrayer. I mean it makes sense that she did what she did because of WICKED. I would've done what she did. She warned Thomas before. In the end everyone literally ends up hating her. Especially Thomas who is like the only thing that matters to her. And Minho who in the previous book was calling her sister. I understand that they are all angry but she did what she did for a reason. She could've just said no I don't wanna do it and get Thomas killed but no she did what they asked of her. It seemed even to me for a bit that she was being serious but then again we know that WICKED is able to control people. It happened with Gally as well didn't? And Thomas hated him in the maze runner so how it is that he just gets all friendly with him in the death cure after he killed Chuck while he hates Teresa when she didn't even kill anyone just tried to protect him! I like Teresa, at least she has done something to save Thomas and what does he do? Just turns his back on her and go blindly after that stupid Brenda, who is just a side character.
Teresa has been there for Thomas probably all his life so how it is that he hates her. When in the end he starts to say he hates her that's when I started to dislike him more and more.
I even thought that in the death cure they would solve everything but when I read that, all my hopes where like crushed.
I believe what Teresa says, it makes sense. I see what she is saying so I don't know why Thomas doesn't get it. When Teresa says "I accepted it in a way. That saving you was worth losing what we might've had". That's when I kind of get that maybe everything is just ruined. And Thomas says nothing to that, that's crazy! What she did was a great sacrifice and it is surprising how selfish Thomas is to say to her go away in the end.
She says WICKED IS GOOD in the end which kind of makes sense if you've read the death cure (that's the last thing Ava Paige says in the epilogue and Thomas trusts that woman). But it is horrible the way he judges her. Just horrible.
All the other characters were amazing. Newt was amazing as usual and Minho as funny as ever. Also Aris and Jorge were good characters. So yeah it was a good book. Annoying sometimes but thrilling, so yeah I loved it. The best part for me was when Teresa and Thomas meet before he enters the Cranks city in the small building. She is not faking when she kisses him, the act is put on because of WICKED but it doesn't feel like she's acting when they kiss. I think that is probably why it hurt Thomas so much. I am sure that it did hurt him but it obviously hurt her as well. She sacrificed their relationship to save him. I know she could've done something else maybe even figured a way out of her situation but we know how wicked WICKED is. When the girls group says to Thomas that it is Teresa who wants to really kill him and is obsessed with it, it is probably because she the only one who really cares for him and wants to save him.
In the end when they are saving themselves in the coffin things I am glad that Thomas takes Teresa with hi but when Brenda and Jorge comes they take them in as well. After that when the berg comes Teresa helps Brenda get up the berg when she's almost left behind. The point is that Teresa is helping her knowing that there are going to be problems between them. But she doesn't hesitate to save Brenda. So how it is that Brenda ruins everything for her.
Another point is that the betrayal test was planned as everything else before the maze trials so because Thomas and Teresa helped the creators it might be that he is the one in first place to have created that or chosen all the roles for everyone, saying that Teresa was the one who was going to betray him to stimulate some brain patterns. (And maybe he even knew about Newt!!!)
So yeah again the book was good and I really liked it. I'll be honest and say that for me this would've been even more exciting if the 3rd book would've ended better. I mean okay Thomas and Teresa had a big misunderstanding but they could've solved it if he had really wanted to, it would've taken time but still it would've been worth it.
Also, I have read the Kill Order and at the beginning Teresa says that she wants to help the world. That the life of some would save so many people. As a child she's seen such bad thing, her parents died nastily in front of her. And also Mark said to her to help the people on the other side of the Flat Trans to do something important. And even though she is only a child she knows that Mark and Trina care for her and she does what he asked her to.  

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