Jake English x Reader Lemon

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-This is a Lemon. Smut. NSFW. Don't like it? I wouldn't suggest reading it. I don't own Jake English, Hussie does-

Jake... Jake fucking English. He is always on your mind. His toned and tanned body, mesmerizing green eyes... How sexy he winks when he says 'Double pistols and a wink'. How you want him. How you need him. Now.

You grab your phone and dial your boyfriend of one year's number. "___? How are you, love?" You can tell by the tone of voice that he's smiling. God just his tone of voice is turning you on. "Jake can you come over? I'm all alone and I wanna see you" You say in a whiny voice so he'll be even more persuaded to come. "Of course! I'll be there in 15 minutes, OK?" He laughs.

"OK. Bring extra clothes just in case you sleep over" You say.

Bring extra clothes BECAUSE you're sleeping over is more like it.

Suddenly, you realize something. "Fuck!" You yell, running to the cabinet to check if your older brother had any condoms left. There were exactly two left in the box, thank Gog. You take one and hide it under your pillow. The plan is:

Get Jake's favourite movie and ask him to watch it with you. In the middle of the movie, you start to make out with him. keep heating it up until your clothes are fully removed and then BAM.

But now you're nervous. What if Jake doesn't feel comfortable with it? What if he breaks up with you because he thinks you're being slutty?

Too bad now because he just walked in the door. He carefully drops his green bag on the floor and comes over to hug you. "Hello, love" He smiles and kisses your head.

"Hi Jakey" You bite your lip. "What's with the bag?"

"I knew from the tone of your voice you wanted me to sleep over, so I just brought my things" He giggled and noticed the movie on the well made bed.

soon to be ruined, that is.

You blushed at the thought and watched Jake put the movie in the DVD player. He sat down on the bad and motioned for you to come cuddle with him. Smiling, you did so. "Jake?" You asked, looking up at him. He smiles at you.

"Yes, darling?" He blushes a bit from the close contact. God he's so cute. You decide that you'll 'accidentally' get him into the mood. You start rubbing his chest up and down. Last time you did that, he was a blushing mess. "_-__!" He gasps and blushes a dark red from the sudden contact. "S-sorry..." You blush and look away.

"I can't say I don't like it, but I don't want to get carried away" He laughs nervously.

"What do you mean?" You ask.

"I don't want to... Take advantage of you" He mumbles the last part. You giggle and continue rubbing his chest. "___! I-" You cut him off with a sudden kiss on his lips. It starts out passionate, with both your lips moving in sync, but you kick it up a notch. You move your lips a little more roughly and he bites your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You accept happily and roughly rub your tongue over his. This seems to show him how badly you want him because he relaxes and wraps his arms around your waist. You run your hands through his hair and Jake pulls you closer. Your lips move faster until suddenly you can feel his member getting hard. You can't help but giggle and he pulls away. "Why'd you-"

"You can't laugh. You're making me this way" He blushes a deep red and pushes some of your hair out of your face. You kiss him again, continuing the hot make-outs between you and Jake English. You can tell he's unsure of what to do but it just makes him even more sexy. You'll have to be a little dominant tonight. You slip your hands up Jake's top and pull it off, pulling away from the kiss for a minute. Going back to it, you can sense the lust in Jake. The kiss starts getting more sloppy and rough, and your shirt is discarded along with his. He pushes you down so he's on top of you and roughly massages your breasts through your bra and you moan out loud. "A-are you sure about this?" Jake asks, flustered. "Ye-aaahh... Yes..." You pull him down so his whole body is pressing against you and Jake pulls off your bra. quickly, he lowers himself and runs his tongue slowly over your left nipple, making you shudder and moan louder. "Ja-Ahhh! Jake!" You call. Hearing his name makes him even more aroused and while his mouth is working on your left, his hand is working on your right. He pulls off your shorts so you're just in you're underwear and then pulls off his own jeans and they join the pile. Now both of you are topless and pants-less.

He pushes you back down and starts grinding against you. He starts out slow, wanting you to plead for him and beg. Once you succumb, you do. "Jake! Ahhh... Jake please!" You moan. He starts grinding you much harder, liking the way he's teasing you. You sit up and grab the back of his neck, pulling him gently back down. "Jake please... I want you" You whisper in his ear. He pulls you into a kiss and in doing so, removes the rest of both of your clothing. After you hand him the condom and he puts it on, he places himself at your entrance. "Are you ready?" He asks. You nod.

He pushes in.

"Aaah! Jake, I-it hurts!" You bite your lip as he stretches your insides. He leans over and kisses you, massaging your breasts again to get your mind off the pain. Once it's gone, you tell Jake to move and he does. He starts out slow and it's like when he was grinding you, except no matter how much you plead and beg, he won't go any faster. He's teasing himself and you. "Jaaaake! Please Jake go faster!" You moan loudly, and he starts picking up the pace a little. "Jake please! Please Jake!" You moan, and suddenly he starts thrusting much faster. Both of your moans are filling the room and you hope to Gog that the neighbours don't hear. "Aaaah... ____...." Him moaning your name makes you even more turned on then before. "Ahh... Jake..."

"_-___!" He yells. He grabs your waist and thrusts even harder, suddenly getting deeper and hitting a very sensitive spot. "Jake! Do that again!" You plead, and he does. Every single thrust hits that one spot and the pleasure is driving you crazy. You feel yourself tighten and a warm feeling gathers in the pit of your stomach. "Jake! Jake I'm getting close!" You moan, more like yell.

"I-I know! Aaahh!" He replies. With a few more thrusts, you both reach your climax and scream out each other's names. "JAAAAKE!"

"___!" After this, his thrusts get sloppy and slow, before he pulls out. He throws out the used condom and you both lay on your backs beside each other and hold hands. You get a glance at his bad and notice something in the pocket. "Jake...?" You call, breathing heavily. "Yes, ___?" He asks, also breathing heavily.

"Is that a box of condoms?" You giggle.


"You planned this didn't you, Jake English?"

A bright red blush covers his face.

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