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~ "He [Eros] smites maids’ breasts with unknown heat, and bids the very gods leave heaven and dwell on earth in borrowed forms." (Seneca, Phaedra 290 ff)" ~

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I’ve made my decision.

I decided to help Eros in breaking the ‘bond’ binding us together. It was getting harder and harder every moment with him. I knew it was the thread acting on us.

‘Meet me by the fountain.


That was the note that he gave me – or rather, jammed into my locker. There was no smiley face or whatever, simple and straight to the point. Well, what should I expect with a guy who had a split personality, strange abilities, and was always cold to me?

Walking a little to the side, I grabbed my bag and slung it on my shoulder. I went around and tried to sneak away as quietly as I could. I didn’t want Lexie to found out that I had been talking to Eros – even if it wasn’t that evident. I also feared that dear brother would see me talking to a dreaded boy. Ach was always extremely protective, especially when it came to boys.

It felt awfully bad that I had to do this, but there was no other way, was there? I didn’t know what else to do. I felt like I need to do this. After all, this was supposed to happen. I was tired of Eros’s consequent bickering and controlling of my life. I need to put a stop to this, and to do so, I have to help him.

He didn’t care, he already confirmed that. I just didn’t know why he couldn’t be more kind.


I was thinking so hard that I didn’t even realize that I bumped to Kyle. Oh God, he’ll probably see right through me.


“Don’t ‘hi’ me,” Kyle raised an eyebrow, already looking suspicious, “What are you doing here when it’s clear that we all still have our last class?”

“I…” I trailed off, “I’m looking for Ach,’

“Your brother just passed.” I looked behind me to see Ach about twenty feet away.


“Right, well, I’m going to check something, um, in the publication club!” I hurriedly said and gave him a smile before I waved, “I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow!”

He gave me a weird look before I ran and nearly toppled over yet again, onto someone.

“I’m so sorry!” I didn’t get to see who it was. I dusted myself off and bolted away again.

I didn’t want to answer any more questions about Eros and I. Especially not to Lexie.

Lexie has been trying to hook up with nearly every guy in the school for the last three years. She thinks I lack romance, so she had this sudden urge to introduce me to every boy we met.

There was this one time when we went on Starbucks and ran into a guy with an Australian accent. Lexie found him cute, and I guess he was, but I wasn’t interested at all. Maybe I didn’t have the qualities, and maybe romance hates me – more likely, Cupid hates me so much that he didn’t get me a boyfriend even before he came around.

So in the end, the Aussie-accent-guy was still pretty much sad by the fact that I haven’t dated before. I never minded, though. Love brings you nothing, it just breaks your heart.

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