Swap Papyrus x reader Part 1

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                                                                             ~Your POV~

'Why are they all on about this?' I thought trying to look into the hole without falling in, 'Why don't you find out if the legends are true,freak!' I heard a familiar voice shout.I turned around to see Josh and his cronies, 'G-guys,we can talk about this!' I said nervously. 'I don't think so, we've gotten tired of your yapping!All about world peace and the goodness of others,it's driving everyone nuts!' Josh snirked,I took a step back and barely regained my balance. 'If you believe in saving the environment so much,why don't we make sure you don't take up any air!' Josh cackled and pushed me,I tripped over a root and I felt the weird sensation of falling.           'When you get to hell tell your parents I said hi!!' Josh shouted,I screamed as I quickly fell down the seemingly endless black hole. 'I don't want to die!' I thought as tears of fear gushed from my eyes and into the air,then suddenly for a moment I slowed down.I felt confused but then I started falling at top speed again,all I saw was gold before I landed on solid ground and blacked out.

                                                                                 ~Time skip~

I opened my eyes and winched,I felt like I'd been bruised all over.I realized I was on a bed of golden flowers,the hole I fell down looked almost invisible from down here.My F/C shirt had a few stains and my brown shorts had a few crushed petals on them, 'Okay,how did I survive a thousand foot fall!?And why did I slow down for a second,am I losing my mid!?' I thought clutching my head.I took a deep breath and calmed down, 'I'm alive,somehow.After a quick rest I'm going to explore,these look like ruins.' I told myself.While I rested I cleaned myself up a bit, a lot of seeds had stuck to my clothes.The pain was starting to fade and be taken over by soreness and a bit of stiffness,I stood up carefully and started walking down the hall.There in front of the exit was a dog,cat wolf thing? 'HOI!!!I'm Tem,Tem da Temmie!Yous must be neu to da Undaground!!Looks like Tem neds ta show ya how thins wark round ere!!!!' the thing said in a high pitched voice,suddenly everything turned black and white except for the two of us.A bright green heart appeared in front of me,then a sort of board appeared around it. 'This yo saol!Da verie culmanation of yo bean,right nouw it's vewwy wek!!!Yo ned sem LOVE,wat is LOVE yo ask?To hard too ewpwain,just grad da Temmie Flakes!!' Temmie said,weird pieces of paper started flinging to my soul.I moved it around,I may be kind but I'm not dumb.I wasn't going to trust some random monster that I just met,especially if they offer me 'help'. 'Hehe,yo must have misundastood!Yo're suppasoed to go into da Temmie Flakes!!' Temmie said through their teeth,my soul dodged the flakes again. 'Go.Into.Da.Flakes!!!' Temmie shouted,I dodged them again and a creepy face that made my skin crawl. 'You knew what was going to happen didn't you?Well,let me finish it!!' Temmie said in a creepy voice,they didn't mispronounce any words.

Flakes appeared right around my soul,there was no way out.Suddenly a fireball knocked Temmie out of the battle field,the room went back to normal and my soul disappeared,or went into me?A tall goat-man walked in with a kind expression, 'What a miserable creature,torturing an innocent youth.I am Asgore,caretaker of the ruins.Let me take you to my house,it's just at the end of the Ruins.' the goat-man said.I've always had this weird talent that let's me know who I can trust,and it told me to trust him.I followed him trough traps,puzzles and even spared some monsters, 'We're here!Do you smell that,that's a pot of tea I made before I left.' Asgore said in his caring voice.The house looked homey and cute,the inside really matched the owner very well.Asgore gave me some peppermint tea,which was surprisingly good considering the name.I found a book on monster history,I started reading.

"After the humans drove us underground were still getting over the shock,but after it wore off we started mourning our friends,family and other loved ones that perished in the battle. 'Why did the humans fight us,did we do something wrong?' most asked,but the answer was soon all too well known.The humans were afraid of us,we had the power to adsorb their souls but our souls didn't stay long enough after we died to be absorbed.Soon we found the place we had been trapped had multiple environments,we started building houses,businesses and ways to get from place to place.We were surprisingly well of,but monsters still remember the sunlight and the fresh air of the surface.When we had been underground for a long time the old monsters started dying with the few memories of the surface,but the tales they had told still lingered.Even though only the king and queen are alive and remember the surface,I've decided to start recording our history so that we never forget our accomplishments,our hardships,the times we squabbled and the times we were depressed,I've decided to record our history..." was the prologue.

I put the book away and felt a bit queasy,I felt guilty for what humans did to monsters.I went to the room Asgore had said was mine,I climbed in and fell asleep.My dreams and nightmares centered around how I thought the battle would look like,and how the monsters were trapped underground...

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