Something About West Gray

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Naomi Carter

"Natt," I said blinking at him and trying hard not to glance around looking for Nick. Then I remembered that they separated because...

Wow. His girlfriend is hot. She's a little taller than me, with long straight chestnut brown hair, beautiful aquamarine eyes, and full pink lips. She was wearing a hanging blouse and a cute mini skirt. She had long legs and was wearing simple flats.

Natt cursed under his breath and grumbled a "Hi."

West grinned, "Hey Natt. I didn't know you were on a date with Holly." The pretty girl smiled at West and cheerfully said, "I actually just met him by coincidence."

"You abducted me woman," groaned Natt. For a moment there I thought that Natt really didn't want to be here at the moment, but the small smile that sneaked in his expression was something so tender and sweet that I wondered if I had only imagined it. Holly noticed me and smiled brightly, "Hello," she said.

"Hi," I said a little shyly.

"Holly, this is Naomi. Naomi, Holly," West said.

"Are you guys on a date too?" she asked.

"Yup," West said shoving his hands in his pockets and grinning at me cutely.

"I never--- wait. You're Nash Carter right?" she said pointing at me. I stared at her finger, then at her face, while my cheeks burned. "Uh, y-yes..."

"I knew it!" she said pointing at me again. Natt took her hand and brought it down. "Holly, stop with the pointing. You're scaring Nash-I mean Naomi." Holly grinned at me, "You were so cute in that boy get-up of yours. I wondered whose little brother you were."

I looked down uncomfortably. Yeah, I was supposed to be a teenager though... West snickered beside me.

"Why were you dressed like that anyway?" she asked.

"Holly stop asking questions already," Natt said.

"Where's Nick?" asked West. Natt and I stiffened.

"Oh, Natt came here with him, but we haven't seen him since I took him away," said Holly.

West said nothing, elapsing into thoughtful silence.

Natt met my eyes and an understanding passed between us. Time to go.

"Anyway, guys uh Holly and I are going to go see a movie," said Natt lacing his fingers through Holly's in a both sweet yet secretly urgent manner.

"We're seeing a movie? But we haven't talked much to---"

"Holly. Movie." Natt said firmly.


Natt kissed her, silencing her and stealing her ability of speech. He then turned to us and said, "We'll be going now." He pulled on Holly's hand and dragged her behind him.

I stared after them, sighing in relief that the encounter was over and brief. I glanced at West, about to say a comment about the cute couple and found West lost in thought. "West?"

He snapped out of it and glanced at me, "Oh right. Uh, so where do you wanna eat?"

We went to a restaurant, went to a table, ordered our food and silence resumed. I don't know why but it seemed to me like West was waiting for me to say something. "Would you relax, Naomi. You're so stiff, even from where I'm watching you," Nick said.

I wanted to ask him about why he didn't warn me about Natt, it could've been trouble. "Talk to him. You've been watching him since you were what? Five? Well, he's in front of you now. Do something butthead," said Nick and I heard some girls in the background asking him out.

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