part -2

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character introduction
NANDINI MURTHY - a middle class girl who lost her parents in car accident ....and lives with her chaha chahi .......17 years old cute bubbly girl but used to remain silent ( reason u will get to know as the story will go on) and she is innocent girl who only have one friend NAVYA NAVELI..also works as a part tme job to support her chaha chahi .....
MANIK MALHOTRA- handsome, arrogant, very short temperd person .,and veryyyy reseved person.( as i told u he is a terrorist uska reason bhi pta chal jayega)
NAVYA NAVELI- a middle class girl who wants to fulfill her all wish .. 17 years friend of her parents alot
CABIR DHAWAN- fun loving boy but never compromise with his attitude....
DHRUV VEDANT- short tempered, intelligent, calm , only open to his best friend manik

navya nad nandu ke 12 th board exams are finished.. tongue emoticon .....but as they are middle class girls so can't celebrate by fulfilling their expensive wishes.....they only went to mall to deliver some items so that they can get extra money to help their family financially......uske baad ka incident to aapko pta hai tongue emoticon
PRECAP: terrorist attack in mall....nandu went to parking area... to safe herself ..hmari pyaari nandu car ki dikkii me chip jaati hai ....and terrorist bhi car leker chal diye tongue emoticon

car is running in veryy high speed
nandu pov - so much of suffocation ... mujhse or handle nhi ho rha.. plz aiyappa navya ko safe rakhna ..and help me plz
nandu get fainted
1st person- jaldi chala khi police na aa jaye
2nd person- me esse tej nhi chla sakta....kahi pta chale hum sab seedha uper pahuch jaye
3rs person- shut up guya.....mujhe laptop me kam kerne do...or chup chap chalaoe

hmm ryt car ko hmare cabir chla rhe hai ....manik is working on laptop

after 30 min of driving
they reached at the gate of huge house which is away from all the noise of city.
all three get down of the car .( car or nandu ko parking area me hi chod gaye frown emoticon )
all three entered in the house
CABIR: aaj bahut hard work kiya thak gya me to
DHRUV: chal tu fresh ho ja me coffee banata hu
CABIR: hmm jaa rha huun...acha manik boss ko inform ker de kaam ho gya
MANIK: i will do

cabir after getting freshen up...sit on couch and switch on the tv ...
MANIK: band ker tv kaam kerne de
CABIR: are hmari news aa rhi hogi tv per dekh to le....waise humne apne face cover to kiye the....dekh to le hum kitne deraavne lag rhe the
DHRUV: cabir kabhi to serious ho jaaya ker

NEWS: aaj ki important news mall me terrorist attck hua...kissi ko goli nhi lagi ..per sunne me aaya hai .17 years old girl ka kidnap ker le gye hai wo terrorist..aaiye suniye unki best friend se
NAVYA : humne usse parking area me milne ko kha tha ..per jab gye to wha koi nhi tha...hume lagta hai whi leker chale gaye humari nandu ko
REPORTER: aai humko dikhate hai cctv footage:
dhyaan se dekhiye es derinde ko kaise choti si bachi ko rok liya or usse touch ker rha hai
yhi pyaari si girl gayab hai

after watching news
MANIK: are humne kab kidnap kiya
CABIR: pta nhi kissi boy friend ke sath bhaag gayi hogi or naam humara lag gya
DHRUV: ek baar chal ker car me dekh le...kyunki wo girl keh rhi thi parking area me usse last dekha gya hai
MANIK : chalo!!! ( with full of frustation)

they reached to car
and ofcourse humare MANIK ne kholi dikki ..and nandu wha per behosh mili tongue emoticon

MANIK: ye yha kya ker rhi hai
CABIR: are ye sab chod kitni beautiful hai
MANIK: shut up ..
DHRUV: check to kero jinda hai ya mar gayi
MANIK: take her hand and check the pulse....jinda hai ......
manik picked her up in his arms( are jaise hero leker jaata hai heroine ko tongue emoticon..batane ki zaroorat to nhi hai na tongue emoticon )

manik placed ker on bed and dhruv coverd her with blanket....

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