Four Years After

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It's been Four years since that dreadful Accident

And Lucas Friar has been in a coma ever since

Maya used to visit him Every day

But after two years she stopped

Riley or Lucas's mother would take Arabella to see her father

For a 4 year old she's pretty smart

She understands that her father is 'Sleeping'

And he hasn't woken up

Maya doesn't wear her engagement ring anymore

Instead it's hanging from a chain around Arabella's neck

3 years after the accident Maya decided to started dating again

Mostly Riley would Set her up on blind dates

And now the 22 year old is happily seeing Noah

Noah is a 25 and he works in the same place Maya does

Maya is a middle school art teacher

Noah is a Math teacher from England

He understands Maya past and he warmly accepts Arabella

She calls him Noah and is kinda used to him

Maya sold the house her an Lucas bought since she didn't need a house that big for 2 people and she got a 3 room apartment close to Riley and Farkles Apartment

Yes Riley and Farkle are still together

Maya only heard of her mother once

That's it

And she would occasionally Hang out with Mrs Friar with Arabella. Actually Mrs. Friar is the one who told her she had to move on

(Way to go Mrs friar)

And Maya finally did

It's late August
And Maya has started working again

Farkle and Riley graduated from College in may

And now Riley is interior Furniture designer and Farkle inherited his fathers Company

Maya has made a few friends along the way Like Dave in old companion From middle school

(awlucaya )

And his Girlfriend Liv  They have been dating since junior Year

She's also Met Amber

(Peyton list)

And Sofi

(Olivia Holt)

They've helped out a lot with Arabella

And Arabella loves them

Arabella started kindergarten this year

And now Maya has to pick her up

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