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                                                 "THE SALON" - CHAPTER 2

"And then I told that ol' raggedy lookin hoe it ain't my fault her man likes some back door action. And to stop calling my damn phone." Keith, one of her salon workers but also a close friend of Kandi's was telling a story about a girl man who was on the down low.

"How you gonna call her a raggedy lookin' hoe if you was talkin' to her over the phone and not face to face." One of the client's commented that was underneath the dryer.

"Honey, please," Keith said, dismissing her comment. "I know for a fact she couldn't compete with a bad bitch like me."

Keith stopped doing his client's hair and started waking up and down the salon like it was a runway.

Everyone in the salon had to admit he was one pretty nigga. Honey brown complexion, with his long black jet black that stopped at the middle of his back that he got from his Native American father, hazel eyes, thick lips, and bubble butt, he was something to look at plus he made sure he was always in name brands like he was in now.

A Versace shirt, black leather pants, black Louis Vuitton sneakers, and always carrying different big ass brand names handbags, you couldn't tell him nothing.

"Sit yo' flamboyant ass down!" Sweet order, a nail technician that also became a close friend of hers.

Keith stopped in mid-stride. "Bitch don't hate, your man probably want this too."

"Boy please," she said, dragging out the two words.

Sweet was a down south girl that decided to move to the big apple with her boyfriend, but once she caught his lazy ass cheating in the apartment she was paying the bills in, she kicked him out.

Sweet was a lil' on the thick side, but that didn't take away from her beauty and fun personality. She was coffee brown, rocking her natural hair in a twist out that touched her shoulders, grey eyes, and confidence that some people wished they had.

"Don't lie to yourself, honey," Keith said, as he quickly started wiggling his tongue in and out of his mouth at Sweet.

Everyone laughed at them along wit' Kandi shaking her head as she was putting the last touches on her client's hair, Kandi didn't look up when she heard the chimes on her door jingling signaling that someone had either just entered or left.

"There you go, Mrs.Brown." Kandi beamed as she sprayed a little bit more of hair spray on the elder lady tight curls.

"Thank you, Kandi. You always know how to hook a sista up." Mrs. Brown complemented as she looked herself in the mirror smiling.

Kandi just smiled as she put the hair spray down and took the fifty-six dollars plus a ten dollar tip outta Mrs.Brown hand. "See you in another two weeks?"

"Yes, see you," she said, as she hurried out the door almost bumping into Truth.

Kandi smiled as she closed her eyes and sat down in her seat, not having to see another client in three more hours. When she heard the chimes going off for the hundredth time today she didn't move but when she heard her whole salon go completely quiet she had to open her eyes to see the reason why.

Opening her eyes as she tuned her seat in the direction of the door, Kandi saw the reason why everyone went speechless: Truth.

Truth eyes searched the salon quickly, before he smiled once his eyes landed on Kandi, Kandi was slightly annoyed with Truth for ditching her and didn't want to be bother today but she had to admit he did look good.

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