Blushing Maknae [Hunhan]

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Swimmer Luhan has the pool practice room all to himself so he takes his sweet an innocent sehun to watch him practice" but sehun is unaware of what else he has in mind,

Luhan grinned as his clueless boyfriend let himself be led to the large practice room his poor oblivious baby sehun won't see it coming.

"Coach let's me stay and practice longer than the other's" Luhan told him,
"Oh, but hyung why did you bring me?" Sehun asked curious

"Can't i bring my boyfriend to watch me practice?" Luhan replied, "Haha mmh Sehun nodded,
"So i get to watch our champion swimteam captain practice how lucky, Sehun smiled,

"You're so cute.." Luhan chuckled pinching sehun cheek, "You bring it outta me most hyung" Luhan raised an eyebrow and lightly touched sehun's ear getting closer. "When you call me hyung.. Do know how much it turns me on?" Sehun's cheeks became hot, As luhan moved away

"I mean i'm just letting you know, Being honest," Luhan finished in cute broken hangul whilist stripping off his shirt.

Sehun bit his lip, "He's obvisously trying to do something to me isn't he?" The blonde thought taking a longer gaze at luhan's shirtless frame as he walked away, Sehun then calmed his nerves to reply back "What else am i supposed call you, You're gonna just have to deal with it! He shouted playfully,

Finally at the diving spot, "Is that so?" Luhan replied with a smirk as he stretched before hand.
"Go ahead i'll sit and watch right here, Sehun assured luhan sitting at the edge of the pool, with his legs crossed an his hands in his lap.

"Get ready and.. go!" Sehun shouted enthusatically, Luhan dove and took off,
Outstretched limbs moving as fast as he could. "Woah, Sehun reacted in amazment,

Impressed that he didn't slack not even in practice.

Luhan swam to one end to the other he was in full focus mode, he then finished the fews reps
And got out the water "Aah" Lu exhaled then took a look over at his intrigued boyfriend,

"Hyung that was amazing, I hope it wasn't too tiring for you," Sehun asked grabbing a towel for him, "No it wasn't, i usually go for six reps to each end, then switch to a different stroke an do it all over,
"It is tiring but all part of the routine. "That's alot," Sehun added with slight worry.

"Yes, But I have to do it, it's what it takes to lead us to championships again, Luhan explained.
"I'm impressed," Sehun admitted, "Jincha?" Luhan questioned flirtingly, "I knew you'd be" He teased
"Shut up, Sehun replied while blushing again, Luhan's wet bangs took his attention as he stared.

Luhan took the chance to kiss his distracted boyfriend's lips softly,
Letting the towel fall off his shoulders, He didn't need it with his agenda and all,
He deepened the kiss gently caressing his face while smoothing the back of sehun's hair.

Sehun then kissed him deeper lightly gripping his waist but tugging him as close as possible.
"What was that for?" Luhan asked afterwards, Innocently glancing into sehun's eyes.
"I said i was impressed didn't i?" Sehun shyly admitted taking luhan's lips again passionately.

Luhan almost lost himself "Wait focus you're supposed to be in control. He thought then backed away from sehun leaving him confused and hungrily wanting more.

"Come back," Sehun pouted, As luhan got back into the water. "I'm not that easy dongsaeng, Lu flirted with a smirk, Sehun felt his growing arousal, As his innocent looking shirtless boyfriend looked up at him, He caught himself staring at luhan's collarbone muscles that peeked out the water.

"Come in with me," Luhan asked cutely, "Whatt" Sehun replied stunned, "I'm not that good at swimming an i'm terrible at holding my breath," Sehun confessed, "Who said we were swimming? Luhan replied raising an eyebrow, Sehun then gulped.

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