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Sweat rose to the surface of my forehead as I gazed through the people around me. My head blocked out the sound of Transviolet, of Sarah belting out her notes and Jon pounding his drums. Intense thought busied my head as I gazed longingly across at Beth. The hot purple light made her glow, violet and indigo reflecting off her as her eyes lit up. Simply the sight of her having this much fun warmed me from my toes to my thick dark hair. Her smile is open; she's singing her heart out.

"... Burns like a summer sun, only love you when you're someone..."

Someone. It's all I ever wanted to be to Beth. Someone she cared about. Someone who made her hands sweat and her words melt into sloppy sentences that came out slurred. Someone that offered to walk her places and someone that could keep an arm around her.

Suddenly she looked back at me. That widespread grin still on her face. I anxiously smiled back, a nervous laugh hacking its way out of my mouth. The song ends and she reverts her attention back to Sarah, who asks how the crowd are. Everyone whoops, bar me.

How am I, Sarah McTaggart? I'm trying to be someone to somebody else.

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