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A/N- In this story everyone is a sophomore in high school!


Y/N's POV:

I felt another hard tug on my tail. I tried to ignore it. Someone tugged on my ears. I continued to walk down the street, trying to hold back tears. This was a daily thing for me. I was a hybrid. A cat hybrid to be exact. I was a Neko. Everybody hated me because I was different. This even happened inside school and everybody just stared as it happened. The teachers did nothing. "Awe is the little kitty gonna cry?" I heard someone say mockingly behind me. "Guess she really is a pussy!" I heard someone else laugh before they pushed me onto the ground. I started to cry. "Nobody will ever love a freak like you!" Another boy looked down at me. He gripped my tail and gave it a hard tug. I screeched before pulling my tail out of his hands. The group of boys started to kick me as I laid in a ball on the cold ground. 




The insults kept coming as they continued to kick me. I tried to cover myself as best as I could. I shut my eyes tightly letting the tears pour out of my eyes.

"Nobody likes you!"

"Failed abortion!"

"Kill yourself already!"

"Leave her alone!" I heard someone yell. The boys stopped kicking me as I opened my eyes. I saw another boy in a red and black plaid checkered hoodie. "Oh it looks like someone is trying to protect the little pussy!" The group of boys looked toward the boy and they gave out low chuckles. "Back. Away. From her." The mysterious boy gave a low growl. "Ooo I'm so scared! I'm shaking!" One of the boys mocked then laughed. "You should be." The boy said in a stern voice. I tried to lift my head up to get a better view. One of the boys kicked me again, causing me to squeel. "Keep your head down kitty!" I started to cry again. "Back the fuck up and you won't get hurt." The brown-haired boy said in a angry tone before I saw him unsheathe a diamond sword. The group of boys all unsheathed iron swords.

"And what exactly are you going to do about it?" One of the boys smiled. Just then I saw another figure come into view. He had brown fur covering his whole body and he wore a black suit with a red tie. He looked like a dog almost. He also unsheathed a diamond sword. 

"You heard what he said. Back off."

"Not yet Jerome."

I guess that was the hairy boy's name. "Hmm... two against five. Who will win?" One of the other boys started to laugh. The others laughed with him. One of the boys bent down and grabbed the back of my shirt and lifted me up with both hands, causing him to drop his sword. "H-Hey! L-Let g-go of m-me!" I squirmed in his grasp as I continued to cry. He scoffed before throwing me back onto the ground in front of him. The mysterious brown-haired boy pulled out a bow and arrow and shot the boy who threw me in the leg, causing him to scream and blood to seep out of the wound. My tail and ears twitched and perked up in shock. The other boys looked over and gasped in fright before returning their gaze back at the two boys. "Y-You son-of-a..." One of the boys charged at the two with his iron sword. The man named Jerome swiftly slashed the boy's arm that held the sword just deep enough to make him drop it and hiss in pain, as well as a little blood to leak out.

The other boys stood there in shock before they suddenly ran, leaving the two who were injured behind. "Hey guys! Wait for us!" The two injured boys called out before getting up and limped away. The boys who saved me approached me. "Are you alright?" The boy who wore the hoodie asked me as he held out his hand. "Y-Yes I-I'm f-fine." I wiped away the tears and I grabbed his hand, making me blush slightly. He pulled me up with ease. "I'm Mitch. And that's Jerome." He pointed at the hairy boy. "I-I'm Y/N." I responded. "Such a pretty name." Him saying that made me blush even more. "May I ask... why did you guys help me?" I looked at the two boys. "Nobody should be treated like that. Hybrid or not." Jerome looked at me and smiled. "I'm used to it... it happens every day." I looked down at my feet. My tail and ears drooped.

"That shouldn't happen to someone at pretty as you." Mitch smiled. "Or anyone for that matter." He started to rub my ear. I flinched and backed up a little in surprise. Mitch seemed a little shocked by my action. I-I'm sorry... it's just that nobody has ever touched me without hurting me before..." I started to tear up. Jerome stepped forward. "What about your parents?" He asked. I started to cry. "M-My parents l-left me when I w-was a c-child... t-they didn't k-know what h-happened and how I was b-born like this... they w-were disgusted..." I could see that Jerome and Mitch were both shocked. Mitch pulled me into a hug. "We're here, It's OK. We'll protect you Y/N." He started to pet me. I snuggled into his chest. He began to rub my ear again. This time I didn't retract. My tail flicked up beside him and he started to rub my tail as well, making me purr by accident.

I lifted my head from his chest and started to blush when I realized I purred. He looked me in the eyes. He chuckled and smiled. "That's cute. I like that." He lifted my chin and put his lips to mine, making my ears and tail perk up in surprise as well as make me blush madly. I stood there for a few seconds in shock before I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned the kiss. My tail continued to swish back and forth. He parted and ran the back of his hand down my cheek before picking me up bridal style. "Come on. You can live with us." I wrapped my arms around his neck and my tail lightly around his leg. He smiled. "My kitty." He kissed me on the cheek. Mitch carried me away as Jerome followed beside him.

A/N- Ugh why did I make this one so long? I need to sleeeeeeeeep....

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