Chapter 1

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I pulled up to the family sized brown house that I used to sleep, eat, and put on large amounts of make up just to take mirror selfies in. As my black jeep came to a stop I let out a loud sigh of relief.

"Good to be home." I say to myself as I take the key out of the engine. My car stops purring and I open up the door and hop out letting my boots splash in the small puddle created by the rain. One thing I hate about Beacon Hills is it's crappy indecisive weather. I close the car door behind me and I begin making my way around to the trunk. I open up the trunk to reveal two navy suitcases. Inside the suitcases sits souvenirs from my travels, and books from the three different covens I visited over the years. And Of course some clothes and my shoes and all that. I think to myself for a moment. I got the suitcases into the car by teleporting them, but I was in a secluded area then. Now I think the most wise option would be to greet Scott then beg him into taking them out. I let out a huff of content for my plan then close back my jeep trunk then lock the doors with the push of my keys. I mean I would be trusting of the neighborhood that I grew up in but it's the middle of the night and there is no way anyone is stealing McSteamy.

I begin making my way up the path to the house. I take out the keys that I haven't used in three years and place them in the slot. I open up the front door to immediately be met with the smell of male sweat. I grimace at the stench of the house and hesitantly close the house door behind me. My ears begin to overwhelm with the sound of loud horrendous music. I groan in frustration and disappointment hoping that my return would be peaceful and well supplied with baked goods and treats. I march up the wooden staircase that I remember falling down on numerous times in my childhood days. I make it to the second floor and the music begins to get unbearably loud. I stomp over to Scotts bedroom door to find it wide open. I find Scott with a quick glance as he struggles with his pull ups. I search around the room with my eyes for the stereo to turn off this god awful music. It's so loud that Scott hasn't even noticed me yet he simply pushes through his pull ups. Which is weird because he's never really been into working out or getting buff. I spot the silver stereo placed on Scott's bed and I walk over to it and tap it's off switch with my middle finger. Scott instantly drops from the pull up bar and spins around in fear and surprise or at least that's what his high pitched pubescent scream tells me. I give him a warm toothy smile and he searches my face with a confused expression.

"Bella what the hell?" Scott asks, and I continue to smile at him.

"Did you miss me little bro?" I ask him as I open my arms in anticipation of a hug. Scott scoffs out a breath of disbelief and limps over to me only to fall into my hug. He lovingly and protectively wraps his arms around my back and begins to chuckle. He then pulls away and I get a closer look of how much he has changed. He has a classic skater hair cut even though he hasn't stepped on a skateboard ever in his life. His uneven jaw is becoming more prominent as puberty is slowly sculpting his face.

"Bella I had no idea you were coming back." Scott exclaims.

"Really, mom never told you?" I ask him before moving to sit down on his bed. Scott pulls up his desk chair and flops himself down opposite me.

"She not once mentioned you coming back home, are you just visiting?" Scott asks me.

"Nope, this girls moving back home. But don't worry I'll get a job and some money to move out so you can sneak all your little girlfriends back into the house." I mock him and he shoots me a glare.

"I don't have any girlfriends." Scott says.

"I figured as much." I answer flatly and Scott sends me another glare, I giggle devilishly before Scott chuckles slightly. "But if it's not for the ladies, why are you working out?" I ask him.

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