this is unrelated but i wanted to get it out there; as of right now i am fixing up some chapters, not ones specifically, to make the story flow better and have better, for the lack of a better word, wordplay. i haven't been updating as frequently as i used to, or as i should be, but just know i am still working on the book as a whole and the new chapters.


p l e a s e  r e a d

DISCLAIMERS: this book mentions rape, abuse, self-harm, and other things related to those topics. If you are sensitive to these, please do not proceed further but you may enter at your own risk.

~ this book starts off slow, and can be taken as a joke as it doesn't come off as serious but i promise it gets more juicy and dramatic the deeper you get into the story

~ you will also notice a change in tone and maturity in my writing. i've grown as a person and a writer after a while and you can tell: or, at least i can. maybe that's just me being optimistic. anyway, what i'm getting at is, like i said at the top, i am continuously reworking this entire book to match the tone in the last half of the chapters, which is where i noticed a change. 

~ a few of the moments in the earlier chapters were purposeful and meant to be seen as 'immature and childish behavior' from the main characters. it's there for a reason, even if you may see it as such behavior. you may even see why it was put there if do decide to venture deeper. 

~ even if i write about topics like rape and pedophilia, that doesn't mean i support them in any way. i am a firm believer of speaking up and seeking help: or in a case of people being disgusting and sexualizing children, reporting it. i also don't support violence, which is something that pops up in my story a lot.



A past she told no one.
A present she hates.
A future she doesn't want to think about.
But she does know that it involves death; a death she's looking forward to.


If the people you loved suddenly slipped away, right out of your life, what would you do?

To Gracie, the only explanation was to embrace what she tried to run away from with open arms, allowing herself to become the girl he saw her as; and now she is. She changed her lifestyle and let the sadness overwhelm her. She welcomed the fact that she drives everyone away; her jagged scars the only reminder of her hopeless family and heartless teacher.

There was hope - a fire - sparking inside of her, growing every single day.

The blood, the fear, the danger.

Everyone knows nothing can be fixed, but can two broken parts make a whole?

Bann, the one who is loved by all. With the million dollar smile and the soul of an angel, who couldn't resist? With one glance into her eyes, the sadness lurking in her burning grey orbs struck him with a sudden realization; he wasn't entirely alone in this world.

He was sucked into something he never could foresee, forcing his heart to be pulled in two ways.

And yet, when she tries to push him away, trying not to become attached to another useless guy, it only draws them closer together, as he was curious about the silent girl.

The past may always be there, waiting for the right moment to attack, but there is always light - fire. What does fire do?

Burn. Grow even when you try to put it out. One little spark can burst into a flame.


Everything in this book is just figments of my imagination. Places, characters, and events too. Some may be based on celebrities and real people. Anything related or 'copying' another book was purely coincidental.

2017 © copyright Roche24816 | all rights reserved
No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission

I know rules don't stop rule breakers but let's just all be decent human beings with morals, yeah? I put that there to make you feel bad, depending on whether or not you even have a fucking soul, if you came here just to copy the story. But jokes on you though: my story ain't that good anyway.

My schedule is on the weekends and sometimes a surprise chapter on the weekdays but some days I have a life to get to and miss some updates but if I can I'll take up the surprise weekday update and use that as the main one so if that happens; please be patient.

If you find a mistake, please comment about it. I will get that fixed as soon as possible and it will also help me during editing. Don't be rude about it, please.

Criticism is allowed. Constructive.

Hope you enjoy ❤

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