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warning: this story lightly touches on self-harm and suicide.




A light smile was on my face as I took a deep breath of fresh air. I lay on my back and looked up at the blue sky, seeing the sun and cumulus clouds. I took another deep breath and closed my eyes. I heard more waves crash onto the shore as people laughed in the distance.

I felt so at peace and tranquil. I felt the hot sun on my skin. I felt the warm sand under my bare arms and through the material of my white shirt and black jeans. I continued smiling, feeling happy as I thought of why I didn't do this sooner.

Sure LA was warm and sunny, but there were always paps watching my every move, posting pictures of me online. And the same when I was in London. I just wanted to be treated like a normal guy while I enjoyed my break. And I couldn't be happier with the decision to escape from everyone and just relax in a smaller city like Brighton.

I opened my eyes and sat back up, the smile was still present on my face. I grabbed my pen and journal from beside me before I opened up to a new page, writing the date on top. May 10th, 2016. My pen danced in my hand as I thought of song lyrics to write down. I looked around for any inspiration, my eyes landing on a girl a couple feet away from me. She looked around my age, maybe a few years younger—I was never great at estimating peoples' ages. She had a book in her hand, opened to a page near the end of the story. But she wasn't reading, she looked out in front of her as her brain buzzed with a million thoughts.

I didn't know why but my eyes couldn't look away as if they were magnetised to her. Maybe it was the way she looked into the ocean, the way her eyes looked so sad and distant. It was so quiet that I was able to hear her frequent, heavy sighs. Though, I quickly looked away as I saw her glance around as if she felt me staring. With my head facing down towards my journal, I looked in the corner of my eye to observe the girl once more.

Just by looking at her I felt sad. It was not just her eyes and facial expression, but it was also her body—hunched over at the shoulder, her whole body drooping as if she didn't have enough energy to keep her upright.

And then I looked back at the empty pages of my journal. My hand immediately scribbled down words to a slow beat that I thought of a few days earlier. My mind was whirling. My heart rate picked up from the excitement of songwriting, and my hand cramped up when I reached the end of the page.

And then a few minutes later, I took a deep breath, feeling satisfied with the words I wrote down. But my heart somewhat ached when I looked at the girl again, seeing her so lonely and sombre.

Talk to her, Harry.

And so I went. I stood up with my journal and pen in hand and started walking towards the girl who resembled an empty colouring book.


the first few chapters are going to be a bit short, but it will get longer soon :) also, in this story harry is in 1D and it's during their hiatus.

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